Affiliate Faculty

What does it mean to be an Affiliate Faculty member of the Institute for Women’s Health?

Faculty apply to be affiliate faculty of the Institute, and are selected based on their expertise, scholarly endeavors and history of, or potential for obtaining, external funding specific to women’s health.

Benefits of IWH affiliate faculty member status include:

  • Priority for attendance to IWH retreats
  • Priority access to any research equipment and data collected in IWH space (DEXA, RMR, VO2max data)
  • Priority for application of IWH funds (small grant, publication fund, travel funds)
  • Priority for student scholarships through endowment
  • Input for speaker series
  • Semester meetings / networking

Expectations of IWH affiliate faculty members include:

  • Participate in IWH-related events (e.g., Brown Bag lunches, attendance at speaker series, participation in retreats)
  • Submit one women's health-oriented manuscript to refereed journal per academic year focusing on women’s health or specific analysis of women as participants in the study
  • Submit to present on women's health research at one professional conference per academic year
  • Submit at least one internal or external women's health-oriented grant submission per academic year
    Include affiliate faculty member status on CV and all related publications/presentations

Affiliate Faculty

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