Find the emotional support you need at TWU

Aug. 31, 2022 — DENTON —Do you feel like you are on a sinking ship and need a lifeboat? If you are struggling with mental health challenges, feel lonely, depressed, or are just a little overwhelmed, seek out one or more of the free mental health resources available to you at TWU and keep your education on track. 

TWU’s Counseling and Psychological Services provides short-term therapy and consultation to currently enrolled students who are experiencing emotional and psychological problems that are interfering with their academic performance and personal well-being. They can also refer you to other sources of support if needed, and they offer several group therapy options. Contact them at 940-898-3801 to get things started. 

TAO Connect offers interactive online training tools, practical educational modules, assessments and more to improve mental health and foster personal development. The program also has an app that allows students to access the materials from their phones. The program just requires a simple sign-up using a TWU email. TAO offers short self-help modules and mini-courses based on each person’s specific needs to help you become more emotionally resilient and to cope more effectively. TAO is not therapy, but it can help you develop skills to cope with a wide range of common emotional and mental health challenges.

Emergency Funds are available for students who need financial assistance to obtain mental health medications. Students must complete the application, and if approved,  funds will be placed on the student’s TWU account. These funds are limited and intended to provide short-term emergency mental health medication management support.

Pet Therapy events are held throughout the year and give you the opportunity to relieve stress, improve your mood and connect with other dog lovers. The first event will be Friday, Sept. 2 from noon until 1 p.m. at Brackenridge Hall. Subsequent events will be held each month during the fall semester, so watch the Student Life newsletter for additional details.

Outdoor Adventure Programs will expand this year, including more opportunities to participate in Equine Therapy. The first fall Equine Therapy event will be Thursday, Sept. 8, and all participants will be able to spend some quality time with the horses! Equine therapy is meant to be stress-reducing and beneficial for your physical and mental health. Watch the calendar for more details about equine therapy trips as well as other ways to reconnect with nature throughout the year. 

TWU’s Gaming Lounge opened last spring after two years of planning, and we are so excited! Whether you are into XBox, PlayStation, computer or board games, there’s something for everyone! It’s a great way to meet new people and have fun by conquering new worlds, racing cars or winning all the cash—just the Monopoly kind. They also have movie nights and dance games!

Recharge and relax in our nap pods in the Library, or find your zen in the meditation room on the first floor of the Student Union at Hubbard Hall—a new stereo egg meditation chair is coming soon!

TWU strives to offer different levels of support that are appropriate for different types of emotional needs, not all of which require or are even best suited to be addressed by traditional, individual psychotherapy. Keep an eye out for more resources slated to come out this year.


Page last updated 3:39 PM, September 1, 2022