To drop a course after classes have begun requires a Drop/Add Form to be completed. This appropriate document for Graduate Students and Undergraduates can be found on the Registrar’s “Forms” page. The Drop/Add Form for Graduates is located about halfway down the list; the link for the Undergraduate Drop Form is at the bottom of the list on this page.

An instructor’s signature will also be expected for each course being dropped and for Undergraduates, an Advisor's signature will be required on the form. Completed Drop Forms can be submitted to the Registrar’s Office found in Enrollment Services on the 1st floor of the Institute of Health Sciences. A $10 fee is associated with each request. Please be advised that each semester has an initial period of time where classes can be dropped without academic penalty. Refer to the Academic Calendar for that specific deadline. Beyond that date, classes can still be dropped, but there would be either a “W” or “WF” assessed, depending on the measure of class performance at the time of requested drop. The Academic Calendar will also note the last possible date to drop a class in a given semester. Please review carefully as you make plans to drop a course. It is strongly encouraged that you actively communicate with your respective class instructor as well as your advisor prior to making any decisions to drop a class.

Page last updated 4:05 PM, March 14, 2017