Program Tracks

SLIS offers a Master of Library Science (MLS) degree, School Librarian Certification, and other programs that are available entirely online. They are designed to prepare professionals for careers in a variety of libraries and other information environments. Students can develop an individualized plan of study that matches their interests and career goals.

Program tracks include:

Public Librarianship

Public libraries are an essential part of any community, and public librarians serve everyone in a specific city, town, county, region, or other municipality.

Students can focus their MLS plan of study on general public librarianship, children’s and youth services, reference and user services, community engagement, and much more. 

School Librarianship

School libraries are integral to EC-12 education in public and private schools. School librarians teach students, collaborate with teachers, develop the library’s collection of materials, facilitate the use of technology, and much more. 

Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Students with a passion for children’s and young adult literature can focus their MLS plan of study to learn more about books and other materials for youth.

This program track would be beneficial for students interested in a career as a children’s and/or young adult librarian, school librarian, or other careers that work with youth. 

Academic Librarianship

Academic and research libraries support education and research in universities, colleges, community colleges, and other postsecondary institutions. Academic librarians teach students, provide support for courses, assist faculty with research, and serve as an important resource for administrators and staff.

Students with an interest in working in academic libraries can focus their MLS plan of study on general academic librarianship, reference and user services, cataloging and collections, and more. 

Health Science Librarianship

Students with a desire to improve health information, education, and research should consider a career in health science librarianship.

Health science librarians work in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, medical schools, nursing colleges, and medical associations. They perform research for healthcare professionals, support students, provide consumer health services, and much more.

Students can seek the MLS with the Post-Master’s Certificate in Evidence-Based Health Science Librarianship, or students can earn a dual MLS and MS in Health Studies degree

Community Information

The community information program track prepares students to find, organize, and use community information to improve communities. This track prepares students to work with community information in any type of library, information center, or government agency.

Students can focus their MLS plan of study on community information, or they can seek the Master of Science in Informatics with an application area in Community Informatics.

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