Program Tracks

The Master of Library Science (MLS) and Master of Arts in Library Science degrees are available entirely online and are designed to prepare professionals to work in information environments including:

  • Academic Libraries
    • Libraries in universities, colleges, and community colleges (postsecondary). Students interested in working in elementary, middle, or high school libraries (K-12) should see School Libraries. 
  • Public Libraries 
    • General public library work, as well as public library youth services (working with children and young adults) 
  • School Libraries
    • Libraries in elementary schools, middle schools, and/or high schools (K-12). It is intended for students pursuing school librarian certification (K-12) with the MLS degree. Students seeking school librarian certification only (no MLS) should check with their advisor. 
  • Special Libraries
    • Libraries in law firms, corporations, government agencies, etc. 
  • Health Science Libraries
    • Libraries in hospitals, medical centers, medical schools, nursing colleges, etc. 
  • Information Technology
    • Working with technology in any type of library 
  • Technical Services/Cataloging
    • Working in technical services (acquisitions, cataloging/metadata, serials, etc.) in any type of library 
  • Community Informatics
    • Working with community data in any type of library, information center, or government agency

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