Training Information

We use a three-tiered approach to training that includes teachers, teacher leaders and university trainers. Professional development for teachers and teacher leaders begins with year-long graduate-level study, followed by ongoing training in succeeding years. In Reading Recovery®, teachers develop observational skills and a repertoire of intervention strategies tailored to meet the individual needs of at-risk students.

Teacher Leader Training

Teacher leaders are selected by their districts for the local leadership role in Reading Recovery training and implementation. Teacher leaders’ training involves one year of graduate level study at TWU. During that year, each teacher leader will:

  • Receive 18 hours of doctoral level course work
  • Teach four children daily
  • Study theories related to literacy acquisition
  • Learn Reading Recovery procedures
  • Engage in field activities with experienced teacher leaders
  • Examine implementation issues

After training, these leaders return to their home districts and train Reading Recovery teachers.

Graduate courses taken for Teacher Leader status can also be used towards a master’s degree in Reading Education.

Teacher Training

In order to implement Reading Recovery in school districts, qualified teachers enroll in a year-long academic course taught by a teacher leader trained at TWU. Teachers learn how to implement all components of a Reading Recovery lesson and select teaching procedures that will facilitate accelerated learning. Teachers in training continue to work full time in their school districts while receiving six hours of master's level course work taught by teacher leaders in their district/site. Teachers commonly spend a half-day teaching Reading Recovery students and the other half performing other assigned duties.

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