Why Minor in Psychology?

A psychology minor is an excellent way to learn about the field and gain marketable skills. It is compatible with most majors, offering a unique set of courses and experiences to supplement any degree. Adding psychology as a minor will provide you with critical thinking skills as well as an understanding of human behavior.

Minors Offered

We offer four minor tracks designed to match your needs and interests, and each track totals 18 credit hours (about 6 classes). For a complete listing of courses included in each track, please visit the Department of Psychology and Philosophy Undergraduate Minors page. Tracks include:

Applied Psychology

This is an ideal track for those who are interested in utilizing psychology skills in their field, and it is highly recommended for students in areas such as nursing, music therapy, education, kinesiology, and health studies.

Psychology Graduate School Preparation

For students interested in psychology graduate studies, this track offers coursework meeting many programs’ application prerequisites. Students will take a variety of classes in both basic and advanced psychology concepts, statistical analysis, and cognitive psychology.

Psychology and Philosophy Split

For students interested in psychology and philosophy, this unique minor offers exposure to both fields. Students will develop a meaningful understanding of where these areas overlap and differ.


This minor offers intrinsically interesting and fulfilling philosophy courses to encourage problem solving, analytic, critical thinking skills and more.

How Do I Apply for a Psychology Minor?

To register for the minor, please email our undergraduate advisor, Mike Elias, at melias@twu.edu or call 940-898-3850. We will connect you with an advising staff member to discuss the best option for you.

You will be asked to complete a short form detailing your course plan for your chosen minor. After approval from the registrar’s office, you will be officially registered in our department as a minor. This means that you will be notified regarding relevant class and event information, and you will be able to register for classes with ease.

Please note that some classes may require an add/drop form. This can be addressed during a brief advising meeting.