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The TWU Institute of Health Sciences – Houston Center is part of a world-class list of health care educators, researchers and providers at the renowned Texas Medical Center.

Picture of the front of TWU Houston campus.

Innovation is at the heart of the work being done across the medical center each day, including through education at our Houston Center. It’s an education augmented by clinical and advanced technologies in simulation and online learning.

The Houston Center is where you can earn a DPT or PhD.

By the Numbers

  • 54 – medicine-related institutions housed at the Texas Medical Center
  • 3,300 – patient visits per day at the Texas Medical Center
  • 1969 – Physical therapy students began receiving training at the Medical Center of Houston.
  • 150 – Physical therapy students enrolled at the Houston Center in Spring 2016

Physical Therapy Programs in Houston

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) is the entry level degree for physical therapists, and is offered at the Houston campus.

Post-Doctoral Programs

At the Houston Center, we offer the following doctoral programs:


TWU Houston students eat lunch outside on covered tables.

About the Houston Center

The TWU Houston Center is a state-of-the-art, 10-story, 202,000 square-foot “campus in one building.” It was built in 2006 and houses the School of Physical Therapy, right in the heart of the Texas Medical Center. TWU is currently the only PT program located in Houston.

Students on the Houston campus have access to state of the art computer labs, supplemental learning labs, research tools, hands-on PT equipment, online access to the Texas Medical Center libraries, building access seven days a week, work-out facility and nap pod.

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Contact the Houston Center

TWU School of Physical Therapy

6700 Fannin Street
Houston, Texas 77030-2897
(713) 794-2070

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