Scholarships and Awards

Chapter Scholarships for Student Members

As funds are available, the chapter will publish a scholarship award application to its active members.  

National Awards

Phi Kappa Phi awards nearly $1.3 million annually to outstanding students, Phi Kappa Phi members and chapters. Learn more about each Phi Kappa Phi award program below. For additional details including eligibility requirements and application instructions, visit

TWU PKP winners

Shermel Edwards-Maddox, 2022, Graduate Research Grant
Shelby Garner, 2021, Literacy
Parker Gutjahr, 2021, Love of Learning
Suzanna Buckingham, 2020, Love of Learning
Sydney Melville, 2020, Love of Learning
Shelby Garner, 2020, Literacy
Stacie Ellis, 2020, Love of Learning
Lisa Fusillo, 2020, National Artist
Shermel Edwards-Maddox, 2020, Love of Learning
Marla Robertson, 2019, Literacy
Parker Gutjahr, 2019, Love of Learning
Melinda Najera, 2019, Love of Learning
Wylijanna Cole, 2019, Love of Learning
Madyson Plummer, 2018, Love of Learning
Erika Johnson, 2018, Love of Learning
Maureen Johnson, 2018, Love of Learning
Mindy Menn, 2018, Love of Learning
Lisa Taylor Cook, 2018, Literacy
Karen Meacham, 2018, Fellowship
Paramita Basu, 2017, Love of Learning
Heather DeGrande, 2017, Love of Learning
Nadiyah Suleiman, 2017, Fellowship
Maureen Johnson, 2016, Love of Learning
Leslie Koberna, 2016, Love of Learning
Erika Johnson, 2016, Love of Learning
Amy Clark, 2016, Love of Learning
Pamela Youngblood, 2016, National Artist
Gretchen Busl, 2015, Love of Learning
Carol Creech, 2014, Love of Learning
Sarah Adams, 2012, Fellowship
Rae McFarlin, 2010, Fellowship
Rachel Zimmerman, 2009, Fellowship
Abigail Leddy, 2007, Fellowship
Shaina Porter, 2006, Fellowship
Gay Mcdaniel, 1998, Fellowship
Diann Hoke, 1985, Fellowship


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