New Member FAQ

What are expectations for ΦKΦ membership?
Members may choose to be as involved as they like. Each year one student serves as student vice president on our executive board. Faculty, staff, and administrator members may wish to serve on the executive board or a chapter committee.  Others choose only to participate in the handful of service activities we offer on each of our campuses. 

Will I get to wear graduation recognition items at graduation?
Yes! If you join Phi Kappa Phi, you are eligible to purchase and wear recognition items at graduation. Information about the items can be found on our site. There are no restrictions on recognition items at TWU: you could buy and wear all three recognition items. If you are wearing a stole from another honor society, you could choose to wear the cords and/or the medallion to represent ΦKΦ.

Where does my initiation fee go?
While initiation events are virtual, the chapter officers have decided to waive the chapter initiation fee.  The initiation fee supports events the chapter holds on each of our campuses, including recognition ceremonies to inform potential members about the benefits of joining ΦKΦ, service projects, and member events. The fee covers the cost of an initiation event in Houston and allows us to ship certificates and pins and graduation regalia to our distance learner members at no cost.

What is the cost of annual renewal?
Once you join Phi Kappa Phi, you are a member for life. You are either an active or an inactive member. Active means dues paid. To be eligible for any of the national awards, you must be an active member. The annual renewal price is $35 for national dues. The annual chapter dues renewal fee is $20. There are member-for-life rates at both the national and the chapter level.

What is the deadline to join?
New member registration will open each fall and the deadline will be made available then.   

What is the dress code for in-person recognition events?
The dress code is business casual, though some students who have clinicals that evening attend in scrubs. The point is to celebrate your achievement. It should be noted that a professional photographer will be present at the initiation ceremonies and photos will be made available through TWU ΦKΦ social media.

Page last updated 10:21 AM, September 10, 2021