2018 News

Student researcher explores what's next for cancer drugs

Biochemistry senior Claudette Fraire already has three years of research experience. By jumping into the lab as an undergraduate, she's set the stage for graduate school and a possible future in cancer research.  

Kinesiology team wins National Biomechanics Day recognition

Texas Woman’s University’s biomechanics labs provide a way for our Kinesiology students to combine classroom theory with real-world application. A group of these students put this experience into practice on National Biomechanics Day 2018, when they invited 27 Aubrey high schoolers into the labs for a fun day of movement and motion. Their creative event recently received top recognition from the American Society of Biomechanics.

Daisy Cantu, Class of 2018 and Frontiers student

Daisy J. Cantu came to the United States from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico when she was 15 years old. As a high school student she spoke little to no English. Daisy had to not only learn the usual subjects, but the English language on top of it all.

Member of the 1968 Golden Reunion Class and Distinguished Alumna, Cheryl Holland Bridges

As a Texas native and daughter to a TWU alumna Dorothy Anderson Holland, attending Texas Woman’s University was a perfect fit. As a student she enjoyed studying fashion and music.

Cheryl Holland Bridges was an active member of the campus community while a student. She was president of student activities at one point and organized large dances when the Texas A&M Corps came to town. She enjoyed singing with the Lasso Choraliers, and even traveled to Germany to entertain US troops stationed there one summer.

Senior Miranda Moore, Student Leader

Having been described as a “bundle of energy,” Miranda Moore exudes an air of excitement and anticipation. The Senior Kinesiology and Pre-Occupational Therapy student knew she was going to make her mark before she even arrived at Texas Woman’s University.