TFWC Research Fellowship Recipients List

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  • Ruthe Winegarten, Austin, author of thirteen books.
    For research on the history of Hispanic women in Texas for her book, Tejana Women.


  • Carmen Tafolla, Ph.D., San Antonio, author, educational consultant and Sharyll Soto Teneyuca, San Antonio, attorney.
    Both are writing a biography of the labor activist Emma Tenayuca.


  • John Jurgensmeyer, Baylor University — The role that educator and club leader Anna Pennybacke played in the suffrage movement.


  • Elizabeth Montalvo Nichols, Dallas, doctoral student at Texas Christian University.
    Dissertation the social and institutional history of the Texas Association of Women's Clubs (formerly the Texas Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs.)
  • Anadelia Gonzales, Ph.D., Corpus Christi, Program Director, Dept. of Women’s Studies, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.
    Analysis of the Pan American Association for the Advancement of Women, 1922-1925.


  • Ann Gabbert, El Paso, University of Texas-El Paso, graduate student.
    Examines the ways that public health reform and policy define and enforce community boundaries, particularly how the actions of women in their roles as public health reformers effect change.


  • Holly McCammon, Ph.D., Nashville, Tennesee, Vanderbilt University.
    Political activism in the 19th and 20th centuries, particularly women’s efforts to win married women's property laws and jury rights laws.


  • Gwen Kay, Ph.D., Oswego, New York, State University of New York.
    This study compares the transformation of the older Home Economics programs at several colleges and universities to the current nutrition, fashion, and Family Sciences.