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Current Club List
Historical Club List

Current Club List

Arlington (Isabel Smith District) 

Atlanta (Olivia Williams District) 
Fine Arts Club

Austin, Texas (Mary Church Terrell District 
Douglass Club (founded in 1906)

Bryan, Texas (Carrie Adams District) 
Women of Royalty (founded 2006)

Calvert, Texas (Carrie Adams District) 
Nancy Perkins Woman's Club

Commerce (Urissa Christian District) 

Dallas (Urissa Christian District)

Priscilla Art Club

Fort Worth, Texas (Isabel Smith District) 
Alphin Charity Club 
Barbara A. Williams Civic & Art Club 
Bennett Cultural & Mary F. Wary Art Club 
Cora M. Crittenden Literary & Art Club 
Cora M. Crittenden Youth Club 
Women of Essence Cultural Club 
Ethel Ransom Cultural Club 
Fannie M. Heath Cultural Club 
H.T. Mitchell-Aires 
Progressive Alliance of Cultural Women 
Sisters United

Houston, Texas (Olivia Washington District) 
Christia V. Adair Club 
Majestic Girls Club

Jefferson, Texas (Olivia Williams District) 
Blue Bonnet Garden Club

Marlin, Texas 
Strivette Club

Midland, Texas (Stokes-Parker District) 
Midland Federation of Black Women's Clubs

Mineral Wells, Texas (Isabel Smith District) 
A.B. DeMent Civic Club

Odessa, Texas (Stokes-Parker District) 
Castanettes Social & Civic Club 
Odessa Social & Civic Club

Port Arthur, Texas (Mary Alphin District) 
Modern Matrons Art & Civic Club

Silsbee, Texas (Mary Alphin District) 
Royal Cloverleaf Civic & Social Club 
Modern Matrons Youth Club 
Barlow-Champion Boys Club

Terrell, Texas (Urissa Christian District) 
22 Marechal Niel Club

Tyler, Texas (Olivia Williams District) 
LaRosetta Civic & Cultural Club

Waco, Texas (Carrie Adams District) 
J. O. A. Conner Study Club

Wichita Falls, Texas (Isabel Smith District) 
E.V.P. Social Aid 
Progressive Club 

Historical Club List

Note: If a club is given an active date, the actual founding date of the club is currently unknown.

Abilene, Texas (Stokes-Parker District)
Charmette Club

Amarillo, Texas
The Social Savings club (active in 1954)

Atlanta, Texas (Olivia Williams District)
Fine Arts Club

Austin, Texas (Mary Church Terrell District)
Bunch Progressive
Bunch Excelsior
Central Art Club
Silver Leaf Art
Douglass Club (founded in 1906)
Debonnett Club
Depriest Club
The King's Daughter's Club (active in 1924)

Beaumont, Texas
Excelsior Club
The Dorcas Community (active in 1920)
Dorcas Club

Big Spring, Texas
Ever Ready Civic Art Club

Bonham, Texas
Phyllis Wheatley Club (active in 1904)

Brenham, Texas
Professional Club
Progressive Women
Sigma Chi Chi

Bryan, Texas
Carrie Adams District
Women of Royalty (founded 2006)

Calvert, Texas (Carrie Adams District)
Nancy Perkins Woman's

Cleburne, Texas
Mothers Home and Industrial Club (active in 1935)

Conroe, Texas
Art Club (founded in 1904)

Corsicana, Texas
Parent-Teacher Association (active in 1924)

Dallas, Texas (Urissa Christian District)
Dallas Federated Women's Club

El Paso, Texas
1933: 11 clubs listed Names currently unknown
Phyllis Wheatley Club oldest club known in El Paso (1933)
Walker's Art Club (1933)
Young Woman's Dramatic Club (1933)

Ennis, Texas
Charity Club (in operation in 1933)

Fort Worth, Texas (Isabelle Smith District)
Alpha Art Club (1908)
La Mode Club (1908)
Clematis Circle (1918)
Alphin Charity and Art Club (as early as 1920)
Barbara A. Williams Civic & Art Club
Twilight Civic and Cultural Club
A 'Volonte Social, Literary & Art Club
Avolonchettes Federation Fine Arts Club
A. B. Dement Civic Club
Del Realia Garden Club
Excelsior Civic and Art Club
Lula Johnson and Crittenden Literary and Art Junior Club
Kolonial Club (active in 1922)
M. B. Kavanaugh Cultural Club
Millie L. Allen Cultural Club
Perennial Cultural Club
Progressive Literary and Art Club
Verdia C. Gratts Arts & Cultural Club
Women on the Move
The Hospital Aid Club in operation in 1927.
The City Federation
Alpha Club--civic work in 1935
Bennett Cultural and Mary F. Waring Art Club
Cora M. Crittenden Literary & Art Club
Eleanor H. Jones Cultural & Literary Club
Ethel Ranson Cultural Club Yearbook, 1938-1939; Memoirs, 1933-1981
Fannie M. Heath Junior Women Club
H.T. Mitchell-Airesv Progressive Alliance of Cultural Women
Progressive Literary & Art Club
Gainesville Woman's Reading Club (active in 1918)

Galveston, Texas
Women's Hospital-Aid-Society Club (known to be in existence in 1920)
The Colored Woman's Progressive Club
1916 Ever Ready Club (in existence in 1924)
West End Charities Club West End Federated (1986)

Greenville, Texas
Progressive Culture Club (active in 1915)

Hillsboro, Texas (Carrie Adams District)
Ladies Art and Social Club

Houston, Texas(Olivia Washington District)
1906 Art Club
Art, Literary & Charity Club
Enchanted Ladies Activity
Twelve Ladies Club: Ethel Ransom Art and Literary Club 1st meeting May 27, 1927
Doers of "37
Doers of the Third Ward Club
Golden Gate Club

Jefferson, Texas (Olivia Williams District)
Blue Bonnet Garden Club

Marlin, Texas
Unnamed mother's bluc (active in 1913)
A.E.S. Johnson Club
Maids and Matrons Social Art and Literary Club
Strivette Club
Willing Workers (active in 1935)

Marshall, Texas
Phyllis Wheatley club 1916
American Beauty Cutwork Club (founded in 1927)
Dramatic Art (founded 1921), in 1982 Mrs. Addie James was President
Eureka (founded in 1908)
Mary Church Terrell Club

Midland, Texas (Stokes-Parker District)
O.V.E. Bartlett Club
Jolly 17 Club
Dozen Dames Social Club
Ebonette Civic and Social Club
Friendly Ladies Civic Club

Mineral Wells, Texas (Isabelle Smith District)
Ada Bee DeMent Civic & Social Club

Oakwood, Texas
Phyllis Wheatley Art Club (active in 1924)

Odessa, Texas (Stokes-Parker District)
Odessa Social, Civic and Art
Popular Pals

Orange, Texas (Mary Alphin District)
Fine Arts Club
La Samedi Art & Civic Club Annual Report to the District, 1989
Debonair Art & Civic Club
Eureka Progressive Art and Civic Club

Palestine, Texas
Name unknown.
May-April 1915: Mrs. W.F. Swanson organized a club.
1920: Mary B. Talbert Charity Club

Paris, Texas
Ladies Progressive Club (active in 1904)
1906 Art Club
Women's Home Progressive Circle (active in 1908)
City Federation (active in 1908)
American Sewing Circle (active in 1908)
Christian Home Talent Club (active in 1908)
White Swan Social Club (active in 1908)
Ladies Reading Circle (active in 1908)
1915 : Inez C. Scott. Mother's club at the high school.

Patterson, Texas
Mother's Club (founded in 1911)

Pittsburg, Texas
Lucy Thurman Social Club (active in 1904)

Port Arthur, Texas (Mary Alphin District)
Modern Matron Art & Civic Club
Women's Progressive Civic Club

Prairie View, Texas
The Nautilus Club

Ranger, Texas
A.B. DeMent Club

Richmond, Texas
Elouise Matthews Club

Rockdale, Texas
Busy Finger & Fancy Doers

San Angelo, Texas (Stokes-Parker District)
Rosary Reading & Art Club

San Antonio, Texas
June 1913: City Federation organized
1920: St. Phillips Branch of Community Workers
Progressive Women's Clubs (in operation 1924)

Seguin, Texas

Silsbee, Texas (Mary Alphin District)
Barlow-Champion Boys Club
Royal Clover Leaf Civic Club
Exquisett Civic Club

Smithville, Texas

Sweetwater, Texas
1960 Self-Culture Club
Castanette Social, Civic and Art
Gay Ladies Civic
Sixty-Four Silver Leaf
Modernistic Beauticians

Taylor, Texas
Mareshal Neil Club

Terrell, Texas
22 Marechal Niel Club
Ladies of 46 Art club (active in 1952)
Better Art and Charity Club (active in 1952)
Friendship Club (active in 1952)
Housewives League (active in 1952)
Business and Professional Women's Club (active in 1952)
Benevolence (active in 1952)

Texarkana, Texas
Mary Church Terrell Club (active in 1920)
Blue Bonnett (founded in 1930)
Harriet Tubman Club

Tyler, Texas
Alpha Civic and Art Club
Eager Eighteen (founded in 1956)
LaRosetta Civic & Cultural Club
Utopia Club (founded March 29, 1927)
Willing Workers Charity Club (founded 1947)
Blue Dahlia Club
Collegiate Club (founded in 1936)
City Federation (active in 1935)
Clover Leaf Club (active in 1935)
Silent Twenty (active in 1935)

Waco, Texas (Carrie Adams District)
Eager Eighteen (founded in 1956)
June 1913: Mother's Progressive Club
1913 East Waco Mother's club
1913: The High School Mother's club revived
1915: The A. J. Moore High School Mother's Club
United Energetic Circle (active in 1920)
Women's Self Culture Club operating in 1927.
J. O. A. Conner Study Club Yearbooks, 1973-1976, 1980-1985
Connor Girls List of names at Fiftieth Annual Session of Girl's Clubs
A.M.E. Ministers Wives Guild
Self Culture Club Mrs. A. O. Caufield President (1983)

Wichita Falls, Texas (Isabelle Smith District)
1933 Culture Club
E.V.P. Social Aid
Inquirer Study Club
La Fluer Garden Club
Lady Leopards Club
Modern Maids and Matrons
Peace and Harmony Club
Progressive Club (active in 1935)

Yoakum, Texas
Women Progressive