Virtual Fall Student Leadership Conference

The Virtual Fall Student Leadership Conference takes place October 5–9, 2020. Don’t miss this opportunity to build leadership skills and knowledge in yourself while becoming more well-rounded and self-confident in roles of influence. These presentations raise the importance of civic responsibility and how you can impact society.

Outline of Conference Schedule

Monday, October 5th

Imposter Syndrome: Practical Tips to Overcome Self-Doubt to Maximize Your Leadership Potential

Presenter: Vy Tran, Psychology Intern, Counseling and Psychological Services

Do you feel like you "got lucky" with your achievements? Do you struggle with believing you earned your position? This presentation aims to help you identify common ways leaders experience this phenomenon and how to conquer the perceived inadequacy.

Imposter Syndrome Transcript

Tuesday, October 6th

Microinterventions: What to do When you Hear Microaggressions on Campus

Presenters: Dr. Lilia Muro, Associate Professor, Human Development, Family Studies, & Counseling, & Dr. Bonnie King, Assistant Professor, Human Development, Family Studies, & Counseling

In this program students will learn how to respond to microaggressions in constructive ways that include visibility, education, and disarming a microaggression.

Microinterventions Transcript

What Did You Just Say?: The Power of A Leader's Voice

Presenters: Anna Hunter, Associate Director, Student Union Programming, & Mai Nguyen, Product Experience Owner, IT Solutions

Inclusive leadership is about fostering a safe environment to help others feel supported and empowered to be their authentic selves. As leaders, we must be aware of the impact of our own voice. This interactive session will focus on the use of intentional language to cultivate an inclusive space.

What Did You Just Say Transcript

Wednesday, October 7th

Leading to Your Future

Presenters: Dr. Greg Shirley, Associate Director of Employer Relations Tech & Operations, Career Connections & Lucy Moran, Associate Director, Career Connections

You are gaining skills and experience in your student leadership position. How will this help you achieve your goals? We will explore the leadership skills you are gaining, why are they important to employers, and how you can demonstrate their value.

Leading to Your Future Transcript

Civic Engagement during a Pandemic

Presenter: Chris Scanlan, Coordinator of Civic Engagement, Center for Student Development

Just because we're socially distanced, that doesn't mean we can't help! Watch the following video to learn about ways you and your organizations can stay civically engaged even with a pandemic going on.

Civic Engagement during a Pandemic Transcript

Thursday, October 8th

Write Like a Leader

Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Phillips-Denny, Coordinator of Tutoring, Write Site

Students will learn how the language choices we make affect their ability to influence the perspective of others.

Write Like a Leader Transcript

Friday, October 9th

Connecting the Dots

Presenter: Dr. Carine Feyten, Chancellor & President

Steve Jobs said, "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards." …because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well-worn path." In this talk, I want to connect some dots from my life that I hope will give you greater confidence to follow your heart.

Connecting the Dots Transcript

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