Civic Engagement During a Pandemic Transcript

Chris Scanlan:
Hello everybody. This is Chris Scanlan, the Coordinator for Civic Engagement with the Center for Student Development.

Today, I'm here with some ways that you can stay civically engaged, during the COVID-19 pandemic, where social distancing is a must. One of the first ways is to, virtual volunteering. So, volunteering does not necessarily have to be done in person. Many nonprofits and organizations have a need for online or digital volunteers. There is ones like, Zooniverse for online research. There are ones like, the Smithsonian Museum that need transcribing and different ways to help online. So right here, I have some links that you can go to and find different volunteering and opportunities online.

Next, find and learn more about local nonprofits and organizations in your area. Some of the examples I have, specifically for Denton has a variety of different nonprofits that do have some information, many cities, depending on where you're at also have similar types of websites for that. Pioneer Engage, if you're willing to stay informed on different student organizations and offices, can help you with that as well.

Next, register to vote and learn about issues. Nowadays it's easier than ever to register to vote and learn about what is being voted on. Websites like and can help you both fill out voter registration forms for you to turn in yourself, as well as giving you information about what different candidates, policies, are all about if you're voting for or against them.

Next, follow local leaders on social media. Many local leaders, because of social distancing, it makes them harder to reach than ever. So they have started making different social media platforms to engage and keep you informed. Ones to get you started, follow Dr. Feyten, and our president chancellor on Twitter @TWUpres.

Finally, once you've done a lot of this volunteering, a lot of those service hours on Pioneer Engage, help inform us of what you were doing so that we can spread that good feeling to everybody. You can find a guide to do so on our civic engagement page on Pioneer Engage.

So thanks so much for watching this video. If you have any questions or other suggestions, please email me right there. Also check out our website about more different civic engagement initiatives. Thank you.

Page last updated 4:28 PM, October 5, 2020