Do you want some extra peace of mind when walking around on campus? There's an app for that!

Pathlight is a smart phone app that allows students, faculty and staff to virtually have TWU DPS accompany you from one location on campus to another. Pathlight has the ability to allow students to indicate where they are going and when they have arrived safely, providing assurance when travelling between locations on campus

Pathlight may ONLY be used within the TWU DENTON campus borders. 

How Pathlight Works

  • TWU Students download the Pathlight app to their Apple or Android smart phones.Pathlight screen shot
  • Search for Texas Woman's University 
  • Enter your TWU username and password then complete the setup process by accepting the user agreement and entering the confirmation code. Note: A confirmation code will be sent to your mobile device. 
  • When the user activates the Pathlight app, it will provide a virtual escort tool that allows GPS tracking from the student’s current location to a defined end location on campus.
  • Users will input their desired location as well as an approximate time it will take to arrive.
  • If the user does not reach their destination in the time indicated, an alarm will immediately be sent to the TWU Department of Public Safety and an Officer will go to your location immediately.

At any point while using the app you feel that you are in immediate danger and cannot call 911, a silent alarm, "Help" button can be used and the TWU Department of Public Safety will immediately send an Officer to your location.

Frequently asked questions

Does Pathlight cost anything?
No. Pioneer Pathlight is free to all TWU Students.

Who tracks my location when I’m using the Pathlight application?
TWU Department of Public Safety.

Will Pathlight track my location when I’m not using the application?
No. It is impossible for any application to watch you unless you click “Allow” or “Ok” when prompted to do so. Apple and Android operating systems always alert you when an app is using your location.

During what days/times may I use Pathlight?
You may use the service at any time, 24/7.

What does clicking the “Help” button do?
When pushing the “Help” button, Public Safety Officers will be immediately sent to your location.

If I do not click “I have arrived safely” before my timer runs out, what will happen?
As if you pushed the “Help” button, Public Safety Officers will be immediately sent to your location.

How long will it take a DPS Officer to reach me if I do not arrive at my destination or if I click the “Help” button?
If depends on where the officer is located in relation to where you are when you click “Help!” and therefore it is impossible to estimate when they arrive. However, “Help” button signals are treated the same as a 2911 call and receive the highest priority.

Can I still call for an in-person escort?
YES! Pathlight is designed as an additional resource for campus safety and it is not intended to replace actual Public Safety Officers

Page last updated 1:11 PM, December 10, 2019