Get a Pioneer Card

The TWU ID Services office provides TWU ID cards for all students, faculty, staff, contractors, Summer Camp $ Conference Cards and various special events.

Replacement IDs

Replacement IDs are $25 unless you meet one of the following exceptions:

  • It has been 5 or more years since student attended
  • Student has graduated and returned
  • Your ID is damaged from normal wear and tear
  • You have a title change (i.e., student to staff, etc.)
  • Your name changes through the Registrar's Office and can be verified through Pioneer Portal

Who is charged for a replacement ID?

Everyone including staff, faculty, contractors, and students unless they meet one of the exceptions mentioned above. To request a replacement ID visit our office located in SUHH, Room 2209.

If you would like to expedite your process, you may print the ID Replacement Form and bring it with you.

Page last updated 11:31 AM, March 2, 2022