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All regular full time and part time hired prior to May 1, 2020 are required to participate in the Performance Evaluation process.

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Fairgrounders Rally for Positive Vibes on Social Media

Fairgrounders set out last Friday evening to bring hope to Denton and this nation. They were tired all of the sickness and violence happening in the world and wanted to do something positive. Fairgrounders are members of the North Texas Fair & Rodeo volunteer team. They perform the opening ceremonies each night of the rodeo in August, carrying the American and Texas flags.   

Teri Hasten said, "I texted the Fairgrounders on Thursday and without hesitation they rallied.  We had shirts made, collected the flags, and even borrowed a horse for one of our girls-everyone pulled together. I wasn’t sure what reaction we would get and the response was and still is overwhelming! People were smiling, honking, literally hanging out the windows waving, standing up through sunroofs, giving thumbs up and fist pumping, even blowing kisses! People were pulling over to take pictures-One girl made a video as they were driving under and last time I checked it has over 133 THOUSAND views! We made the change I wanted to see in my FB news feed even if for a short time."

Teri Hasten (TWU Alumnus & staff) & Big Boy
Shelby Jackson (Elementary School Teacher) & Dollar
Shirlene McMurray (Military Veteran) & Rita
Ashley Saylors (Veterinary Tech) & Goose
Steph Pienta (Animal Control Officer) & Secret

Staff Awards

Congratulations to all of our Faculty and Staff Awards Recipients! 

2020 Faculty Awards Winners:

CORNARO AWARD-Sandra Cesario, Ph.D., Professor of Nursing, Houston 
MARY MASON LYON AWARD-Ashley Bender, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English 
MARY MASON LYON AWARD-Danielle Woolery, D.M.A., Associate Professor of Music 
DISTINCTION IN TEACHING AWARD-Junko Levitt, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communication Sciences 
DISTINCTION IN SCHOLARSHIP AWARD-Jyutika Mehta, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communication Sciences 
DISTINCTION IN SERVICE AWARD-Annette Torres Elias, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Literacy and Learning 
DISTINCTION IN SERVICE AWARD-Ann Wheeler, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics 
DISTINCTION IN DISTANCE EDUCATION AWARD-Elizabeth McCarroll, Ph.D., Professor of Human Development 
INNOVATION IN ACADEMIA AWARD- Paul Thomas, D.M.A.,  Assistant Professor of Music 
HUMPHRIES AWARD-David Rylander, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing 
DISTINGUISHED SERVICE TO STUDENT LIFE AWARD-Phyllis Bridges, Ph.D.,  Cornaro Professor of English 

2020 Staff Award Winners:

TWU AWARD OF EXCELLENCE-Jinlan (Iris) Du, Outreach & Engagement Specialist, IT Solutions, Houston 
OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD-Stephanie Andrus-Jackson, Assistant Director, Design Services, Facilities Management & Construction 
OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD-Rocío Gutiérrez, Senior Grants Analyst, Research & Sponsored Programs 

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