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Texas Woman’s University is committed to building a high-performance culture that encourages individuals to seek opportunities for professional growth and enrichment. You can find most of our on-demand training in the TWU employee learning system, Bridge and in LinkedIn Learning

Training Calendar

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Date Time Event Format
Open N/A

Customer Service Basics (LinkedIn Professional Learning)

Open N/A

Professional Development for Student Employees (LinkedIn Professional Learning)

3/29/24 1-2pm

Think like a Librarian: Information Literacy for Employees (Register Here)

3/20/24 1-4pm

Thrive with EI: Self-Awareness Workshop (Register Here)

3/15/24 12-1pm

Think like a Librarian: Information Literacy for Employees (Register Here)

1/16/24 12-1pm

A Productive New Year: Lead Yourself in Completing Workplace Resolutions. 


State Mandated Training

Recognition and Prevention of Sexual Harassment with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Overview

This course satisfies the biennial EEO training requirement for State of Texas employees.

This course is required for all new TWU employees within their first 30 days of employment, and must be repeated every two years by all TWU employees. 

Bridge link to Recognition and Prevention of Sexual Harassment course

Ethics Training

TWU’s culture of ethics is built and maintained every day by our employees and leaders. Decisions and actions of those in the TWU community define our workplace culture, environment, and reputation.

This course is required for all TWU employees and must be completed every year. 

Bridge link to Ethics course

Information Security Training

Training is composed of two parts: one certified training module and the TWU Data Use Agreement. Both parts must be completed in sequence to receive credit for annual training. Required individuals are automatically enrolled in Information Security Training based on their training due date.

This training is required by all TWU employees and contractors that use a computer for 25% or more of their responsibilities. 

Bridge link to Information Security course

Bursar Cash Handling Training

This course is for employees that have cash handling responsibilities as a part of their role. 

This training must be completed yearly for all applicable TWU employees. 

Bridge link to Bursar Cash Handling course

Annual Statement of Confidentiality Training

This course covers content related to the obligations and requirements of all TWU employees in maintaining confidentiality. Please note that this course does require that you download the certificate of completion to be marked as compliant. 

This training must be completed yearly for all TWU employees. 

Bridge link to Annual Statement of Confidentiality course

TWU Employee Safety Training

Risk Management requires employees to complete various safety and compliance training based on your position at TWU. 

Some training requirements may need to be repeated periodically depending on your role and related requirements. Please view your individual Bridge account for safety courses related to your position. 

Bridge link to learner landing page


All Bridge State Mandatory training courses provide automated email reminders for renewal. Please check your individual account on a regular basis to ensure you are in compliance. It is the employee's responsibility to ensure they are up to date on all training requirements pertaining to their role. 


Recommended Training

Understanding Higher Education: An Overview of Higher Education for All Employees

This introductory course takes approximately one hour to complete and covers topics on:

  • Types of higher education institutions and related terminology
  • Cultural hallmarks of the higher education work environment
  • The basics of higher education funding
  • Key soft skill tips for success in the higher education workplace

This course was developed by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) and may not be adapted nor altered beyond its original state. 

Employees may access the course for free on the CUPA-HR website


Training & Development Resources

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