Upon Your Return

Your Trip Is Complete

You might have questions about completing an expense report after your trip has ended. Frequently asked questions associated with completing an expense report are below.

Am I allowed to expense mileage to/from the airport?

Yes. You will use the Personal Mileage calculator within Concur.

When does my expense report need to be submitted?

Travel Expense Reports must be submitted no later than 90 days form the last date of travel.

Travel card charges are not yet showing in Concur, should I manually enter them?

No. Wait until transactions show in Concur before completing your Expense Report.

How long should I keep original receipts?

Keep your receipts until the Expense Report is fully approved.

Should I assign a delegate?

If you’re in a position to need assistance with entering Travel Requests and Expense Reports, you will need to assign a delegate by following these instructions.

Page last updated 5:08 PM, March 8, 2024