Strategic Plan for Enrollment Management


We commit to greater purpose through teaching and learning

TWU will educate individuals through a student-centered education for all of our students, focusing on the teaching and learning of the whole person for empowerment and success.

The Division of Enrollment Management seeks to ensure that TWU enrollment practices contribute to the diversity and quality of the student population while supporting degree completion. 

  • Maintain and promote a diverse applicant pool by implementing enrollment strategies to reach a broad community of prospective students.
  • Facilitate user friendly admission process to eliminate barriers for prospective students.
  • Develop recruitment and enrollment strategies focused on preparation and support for students seeking admission to TWU’s second-admit academic programs (nursing, education, etc.).
  • Enhance and support partnerships that provide students with a seamless transition from high school or community college to the university (Transfer agreements and dual credit opportunities).
  • Encourage student financial literacy and well-being through provision of training and educational tools.
  • Support student independence and self-reliance with technological innovations that enable students to manage degree planning, course selection, and financial expenditure.
  • Help to facilitate timely degree progression.


  1. Increase new undergraduate applications from 3% to 3.5% annually.
  2. Increase new undergraduate enrollment by 13.5% by 2022; which results in 1448 students.
  3. Assist the Graduate School to increase new graduate enrollment by 14.1% by 2022; which results in 1342 students.
  4. Assist Undergraduate Studies to increase conversion of Dual Credit students to TWU FTICs by 10% by 2022; which results in 80 students.
  5. Continual increase of FTIC 1-year persistence rate with goal of 87% by fall 2022.
  6. Continual increase of FTIC 2-year persistence rate with goal of 70% by fall 2022.
  7. Identify appropriate underrepresented student populations to create recruitment, enrollment, and retention plan(s).
  8. Convert paper processes to automated processes wherever possible.


We seek new ways to improve our world through research and creative expression.

TWU will grow its contributions to discovery by empowering the institution and its community in the doing and teaching of the discovery process.

The Division of Enrollment Management will support research and creative expression through collaborative and promotional efforts with internal and community partners.

  • Enrollment Management will facilitate collaborative connections and innovation by identifying or revising operations and processes that reduce barriers for students and faculty.
  • Expand and support TWU Pioneer Promise and dual credit partnerships with area ISD’s and their students.
  • Provide development for area Community College and High School advisors/counselors.


  1. Conduct 1-2 annual informational/training sessions for area high school and community college counselors. 
  2. Provide Enrollment Management support to Pioneer Promise and Dual Credit partners. 
  3. Enrollment Management will identify and revise operations and processes that reduce barriers for students and faculty.


We transform lives through inclusive networks and purposeful partnerships

TWU will express its ethic of service through engagement with our local, state, national, and international communities as a means to empower the lives of the server as well as those they serve.

The Division of Enrollment Management transforms lives through inclusive networks, purposeful partnerships, and the professional development of employees in the division. 

  • Exemplify an ethic of service through meaningful contributions to our communities.
  • Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships that advance the mission of TWU.
  • Produce engaged and active citizens through intentional service that fosters development of the whole person and advances the human condition.
  • Provide applicable administrative support for P-16 initiatives.
  • Continue to serve active duty and veteran student populations at Texas Woman’s University.


  1. Active participation by Enrollment Management personnel in TWU institutional committees, events, and initiatives.
  2. Support academic affairs’ external partnerships.
  3. Establish a Welcome Center on campus by 2022.
  4. Maintain receipt of military friendly status annually.


We lead in multifaceted ways by applying our individual and collective expertise

TWU will provide systematic and meaningful opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to celebrate the value diversity in leadership and to acquire skills that empower them to lead with distinction, intentionality and purpose.

The Division of Enrollment Management will lead by developing a diverse student population and workforce by providing opportunities to acquire skills and experiences that empower them to lead with distinction, intentionality, and purpose. 

  • Maintain and support leadership initiatives.
  • Strategically create and fund scholarship opportunities providing leadership incentives.
  • Develop policies and practices to support development of emerging professional staff.
  • Encourage and support staff travel for professional conferences and create pathways for professional advancement training.


  1. Utilize at least 10% of budget for professional development (including travel).
  2. Create an account to fund employee travel expenses prior to actual travel dates.
  3. Ensure each staff member has professional/developmental goals as part of their annual performance.
  4. Goal setting, which includes professional development opportunities, internal or external.
  5. Increase funding for leadership related scholarships.
  6. Provide competitive employee tuition assistance benefits in the amount of [$amount] per person annually.


We commit to excellence within people and sustainable and safe university environments.

Building on the accounting framework known as the triple bottom line – people, profits, and planet – TWU will invest in its people, its campuses, its community and its financial well-being to ensure its future.

The Division of Enrollment Management invests in recruitment, development, and retention of talented people while utilizing best practices in business operations and infrastructure through responsible stewardship of its resources and assets. 

  • Provide new and expanded opportunities for students to work on campus in leadership roles within the Enrollment Management Division.
  • Seek to recruit, develop, support, and retain top talent within the Enrollment Management Division.
  • Seek to implement advanced technologies to convert traditional paper processes into electronic workflows and to remove barriers to productivity.
  • Contribute to a sustainable university community by reducing negative environmental impact.
  • Engage in responsible fiscal stewardship.
  • Protect integrity of financial aid and scholarship programs.
  • Reduce/eliminate redundant administrative processes.


  1. Reduce paper forms to less than 5% of business process submissions by converting existing paper process to electronic, paperless options.
  2. Utilize delivered functionality from systems by reducing the need for customized processes.
  3. By 2022 convert paper to digital wherever possible.
  4. Implement OnBase scanning and workflow system by December 2018.
  5. Implement Slate enterprise system (interactions, communications, applications, test scores, relationships, and materials) by December 2019.

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