Tier 2

Tier 2 professional development - Summer Institute

Summer Institute for Educators

This tier provides intensive training to 40 educators at each high school across all content areas during a five-day summer institute. The summer institute addresses the three components of the professional development approach, language, literacy, and engagement, by partnering with the National Writing Project.

A special emphasis is placed on training educators in the specific interventions demonstrated as effective in the Pathway Project with high school ELLs (Kim et al., 2011) that entail using formative writing assessments to identify areas of student need and then teaching cognitive strategies to support writing. Specifically, teacher consultants from the National Writing Project work with the ELLevate! educators to understand how to tap into students’ prior knowledge while incorporating individualized writing instruction in every content area.

Other Benefits

Educators participating in Tier 2 professional development also receive:

  • $250 in training materials, and
  • a $1,000 stipend to cover expenses related with attending the Summer Institute.

Kim, J. S., Olson, C. B., Scarcella, R., Kramer, J. S., Pearson, M., van Dyk, D., Collins, P., & Land, R. (2011). A randomized experiment of a cognitive strategies approach to text-based analytical writing for mainstreamed Latino English language learners in grades 6-12. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 4(3), 231–263.

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