Curriculum & Strategic Initiatives

Welcome to Curriculum and Strategic Initiatives!

As you enter the virtual gateway of the Office of Curriculum and Strategic Initiatives at Texas Woman's University, you are stepping into a world of academic innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Our office is the hub for overseeing a broad spectrum of crucial academic functions that form the backbone of TWU’s educational experience. It is comprised of the following divisions: Office of the Vice Provost, division of Curriculum, Catalogs, and Academic Communications, division of University Scheduling and Curriculum Management, division of Transfer Articulation and Compliance, and the division of Dual Enrollment Programs and P-16 Initiatives.

The Office of Curriculum and Strategic Initiatives is in charge of:

  • Overseeing institutional curriculum development by managing a dynamic and relevant curriculum and an up-to-date course inventory, meeting the highest standards of academic excellence, and supporting faculty in crafting it. 
  • Ensuring a robust, enriching educational experience for all undergraduate students by overseeing Undergraduate Education, the Core Curriculum, Dual Credit, and the First Year Seminar.
  • Supervising and managing the Undergraduate Council and the Curriculum Committee, and ensuring the curriculum’s continuous improvement and relevance.
  • Creating and sustaining valuable collaborations and agreements to enhance educational pathways by developing academic partnerships and transfer agreements with 2-year and 4-year higher education institutions.
  • Streamlining course scheduling by maximizing efficiency and meeting the diverse needs of our student body. 
  • Ensuring TWU’s curriculum's continuous improvement and relevance by overseeing the Undergraduate Council and the Curriculum Committee.
  • Supervising TSI and college readiness compliance by upholding the highest standards with state and university policies related to undergraduate education.

Our vision is to create an environment where students can thrive, faculty can innovate, and the community can engage in meaningful educational pursuits. We are dedicated to facilitating academic experiences that are not only transformative but also reflective of our commitment to inclusive excellence and belonging.

We invite you to explore our website and our projects dashboard to learn more about and get the latest on our initiatives, programs, and how we contribute to the rich academic tapestry of Texas Woman's University.



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