Classroom Updates

Expanding TWU’s Learning Environments

Every semester, thousands of TWU students connect remotely to hundreds of classes to learn across our three campuses. In 2019 and prior, this happened in specific video conference equipped classrooms, seminar, and conference rooms.

Hey, Faculty! It’s time for class!

Even the most seasoned of faculty can be caught unprepared for class when it comes to using the available technology in a classroom.   To help eliminate that from ever happening, we’ve put together a series of short videos that will help you enter your classroom with confidence in your content and your technology.  Topics include, “Intro to Classroom Technology,” “The Touch Panel: The Heart of Classroom Technology,” “Input Options in the Classroom,” “The Document Camera,” and “Zoom Walkthrough.”  Check them all out before your first class this semester!  

What’s IN an Input?

What is an Input and what does it mean to you in your classroom? 
Inputs are essentially any device or audio visual connections that can be displayed in the classroom.  TWU’s 2023 Core Classroom inputs include 

Classrooms: We’ve Got a Plan!

For the past three years, IT Solutions, with the support of Finance and Administration, has made substantial progress on the modernization of TWU classrooms on all three campuses.  Following the creation of improved, easy to use, and cost effective classroom build standards, a seven year refresh cycle was established.

NO! I Don’t Have Three Minutes!

We get it. Sometimes there just doesn’t seem like there’s enough time for a three minute video on how to use classroom technology. So for you, we’ve launched our new Quick Start Guides, so you can be up and running in 1…2…3 easy steps AND when you do have three minutes, check out our new Classroom Training Videos.

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