Expanding TWU’s Learning Environments

Expanding TWU’s Learning Environments

Every semester, thousands of TWU students connect remotely to hundreds of classes to learn across our three campuses. In 2019 and prior, this primarily happened in specific video conference equipped classrooms, seminar, and conference rooms.

With the ever growing need for Hyflex capabilities during and after the pandemic, over 55 traditional video conference learning environments across three campuses were transitioned from older video conferencing to new web conferencing platforms. This development not only provides an easier way for students to learn from campus to campus, it has also saved the university up to 40% in conferencing technology expenses per year.

In 2022 and 2023, Dallas and Houston were the first campuses to receive complete technology upgrades so that every learning environment on these campuses are now outfitted with multiple cameras and microphones so that every room is HyFlex and conferencing ready.

Denton is not far behind. Over 60 classrooms are web conferencing capable and 25% of these rooms have multiple viewing cameras with more coming soon!

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