Faculty Fellows

The Office of Academic Assessment and Accreditation offers two faculty fellowships in academic assessment annually. The goals are to:

  • Expose faculty fellows to academic assessment at the institutional level, providing the “big picture” of the work of assessment within the TWU community and the functions thereof,
  • Engage faculty fellows in professional development settings, conferences, and activities specific to academic assessment,
  • Enable faculty fellows to assume assessment leadership opportunities in a variety of Academic Institutional Improvement (II) and Core Assessment projects, initiatives, accreditation tasks, workshops, and other assessment-related endeavors,
  • Prepare faculty fellows to facilitate work related to Academic II and Core Assessment at the college, school, and/or departmental level, and
  • Develop a cohort of trained faculty fellows who can advocate and contribute to further the development of a culture of continuous improvement in student learning at TWU.

A “call” for Academic Assessment Faculty Fellows application materials will be announced in July (if available) for the fall semester and in October for the spring semester. For further information, contact Gray Scott at grayscott@twu.edu.

Page last updated 2:24 PM, November 28, 2023