March is Women's History Month, and at TWU, the nation’s only women-focused university system, we take special pride in leveraging our history and commitment to empowering and educating women.

Throughout the month, students will find opportunities to engage, learn and reflect on the impact of women in society through film screenings, lectures, interactive workshops and panel discussions. 

We hope you find inspiration in the stories below and will join us as we bring together dynamic women leaders, intergenerational activists, writers and educators to shine a light on outstanding, inspiring women in our communities.


Winged Victory statue
Jane Nelson Institute for Women's Leadership

The Jane Nelson Institute for Women’s Leadership can prepares women to be a senior executive, build an entrepreneurial business or run for public office.

WASPs check their map prior to flight, Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas, August 1943.
Women Airforce Service Pilots Official Archive

View scans of original documents, military records, images, and artifacts from the WASP Collection.

Bronze statue of a head sitting on a table with plaques in the background.
Texas Women’s Hall of Fame

Housed at TWU, the Governor's Commission for Women established the Texas Women's Hall of Fame in 1984 to honor the State's most accomplished women.

TWU Minerva statue wearing a maroon cape.
Woman’s or Women’s: What's in a name?

How many times have you heard the university referred to as Texas Women’s University? It’s an understandable mistake, but our name is Texas Woman’s University. Woman. Singular.