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Grad’s challenging journey led to dream job

It may be difficult imagining a rejection letter as the centerpiece for a college success story, but the one Nicole Davis received more than a decade ago fueled her childhood dream of becoming a nurse.

McDavid adds new title to list: Board of Regents Chair

The list of titles that Texas Woman’s alumna Stacie Dieb McDavid has amassed over the course of her adult life is lengthy and impressive. A sampling of those titles includes horse cutter, real estate investor, CEO, track and field star, philanthropist and Cowgirl Hall of Fame member.

TWU alumna Moses makes history twice as judge

She made history in 2001 when she became the first woman to be named a U.S. district judge in one of the nation’s largest and most active judicial districts. Then, in late 2022, Texas Woman’s alumna Alia Moses made history again when she became the first female chief judge in the district.

PhD student finds joy in practice, research, teaching and learning

If you’re the kind that wants to leave a lasting legacy, you might take a cue from Libby Bergman. The physical therapist and PHD student has a lot to share when it comes making lives better for individuals everywhere.  


Alumna’s devotion to service shaped by education

Vicki Byrd didn’t know anything about Denton when her best friend asked her to attend Texas Woman’s University with her. Since then, she’s worked, raised a family, and now represents her adopted hometown as a member of the Denton City Council.

Weddington’s legacy as women’s rights trailblazer lives on

Sarah Weddington’s legacy is defined by much more than one landmark court case. She devoted her life to improving opportunities for women in Texas, across the United States and internationally.

McDavid’s reach extends from boardroom to rodeo arena

Whether it’s cutting horses, running a business, governing a university system or even throwing a javelin, Stacie Dieb McDavid has a way of leaving a lasting impression.

The former track and field star was recruited to Texas Woman’s University as a javelin thrower and has since made a name for herself in spaces from the boardroom to the rodeo arena.

Nurse’s research on abuse may be key to improving victims’ mental health

She’s seen firsthand the mental toll an abusive relationship can have on a woman, so it isn’t surprising that Angeles Nava, an assistant professor of nursing at TWU’s Houston campus, has devoted seven years to researching intimate partner violence.

TWU alumna turns passion business into flagship restaurant at alma mater

Cynthia Nevels never imagined her journey as a student at Texas Woman’s University would one day lead her to play a pivotal role in establishing the first Black-owned restaurant at her alma mater. Soulgood, created and founded by Nevels, has opened its flagship restaurant at TWU delivering healthier food options to campus and the North Texas community.

Adventure comes naturally to TWU alumna

Roxy Gonzales-Vogel is making a habit out of making history.

She made it big in 2019 after she accomplished one of the fastest ascents ever of Mt. Everest, making it from sea level in her former hometown in Berkeley, Calif. to the top of the tallest mountain in the world in Asia and back in a mere two weeks. 

All-female team makes history with NASA contest win

As non-engineers competing in a NASA-sponsored engineering design challenge, an all-female team of Texas Woman’s University kinesiology seniors knew they’d be heavy underdogs. But they defied conventional wisdom and won, making history in the process. 

Student Spotlight: SGA President, Theo Sam-Brew

Student Government Association (SGA) President, Theodora “Theo” Sam-Brew wants to encourage more students to get involved with SGA. Learn more about her and opportunities to get involved.

In pursuit of science: TWU alumna inspires girls interested in STEM

Texas Woman’s kinesiology-biomechanics alumna Kirsten Tulchin-Francis (PhD ’12), a self-proclaimed science and math geek, has spent more than 23 years combing those two passions with athletics and medicine to achieve success in the field of biomedical engineering. Her experiences as a researcher and teacher are now inspiring other generations of females to make names for themselves in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

TWU alum’s booming business venture grew out of class project

Wouldn’t it be great to have a cocktail that was already mixed and made with fresh ingredients – and served in a really cool plastic container that would be safe by the pool?

Turns out, that concoction of thoughts was the basis for a sweet business idea that first earned TWU alumna Merrilee Kick an “A” on her Executive MBA capstone project and led to a highly successful venture, BuzzBallz/Southern Champion, which has become the only woman-owned Distillery/Winery/Brewery combo in the United States.

Meet the educator, reservist and soon-to-be triple alumna redefining ‘family’ in the Navy

Over the last two decades, Jamie Covey has earned three TWU degrees while serving concurrently as the lead American Sign Language teacher at Denton High School and a Navy reservist. Her dissertation topic, the effects of a reservist's deployment on their support system, draws from her own experience in the military.

Project continues celebration of 19th Amendment

The ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution – giving women the right to vote – was a major milestone in women’s history. TWU visual arts faculty member Meg Griffiths, accustomed to examining the human experience through a camera lens, teamed with fellow photographer Frances Jakubek to mark the centennial of the amendment’s passage.

Jamison Lecture to feature Melba Patillo Beals of Little Rock Nine

Melba Patillo Beals, Ed.D., journalist, author and member of the Little Rock Nine — the first group of African American students to integrate Little Rock Central High School in 1957 — will speak at Texas Woman’s University’s sixth annual Jamison Lecture, part of the Nancy P. and Thaddeus E. Paup Lecture Series. The lecture, titled “Warriors Don’t Cry,” will take place online via live stream beginning at 7 p.m., March 18.

Hawa: Building Bridges

Building bridges did not always come naturally for Hawa. Today, Hawa is an honors student pursuing a degree in music therapy at Texas Woman’s University TWU in Denton, and working as a full-time caregiver. She also holds a leadership position in the Baptist Student Ministry at TWU. Learn more about her journey.

TWU’s first all-female design competition team brings research to life

Five Texas Woman’s kinesiology seniors turned classroom theories into a real-world device by competing in the Texas Space Grant Consortium Design Challenge Showcase November 17-18. The TWU Athena V team, the first all-female TWU team to enter the competition and the only all-female team competing, placed fourth overall.

TWU biology graduate student Daisy Cantu is pioneering pain research for women

As a young girl growing up in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, Daisy Cantu was fascinated by the natural world and dreamed of becoming a doctor. She hoped to find a role model in the medical field who could provide some guidance, but as a child, she was struggling just to find a long-term living situation and a permanent family.

Pauline Beery Mack - NASA Bone Density Research

Since the beginning of the U.S. manned space program, NASA has hired researchers to study the effects of space flight on the human body. One of the early researchers was Pauline Beery Mack, Ph.D., director of TWU’s Research Institute. Mack served as a NASA principal investigator specializing in bone density research, a noteworthy accomplishment as it was unusual for women to be brought on as experts in the male-dominated research environment of the 1960s.

Woman's or Women's: What's in a name?

How many times have you seen or heard the university referred to as Texas Women’s University? It’s a somewhat understandable mistake – after all, we educate many women (and men) – but our name is Texas Woman’s University. Woman. Singular.

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