Hazlewood Tuition Exemption


In order for veterans, their spouses, and their child dependents to qualify for the Hazlewood Act, the veteran must be a "Texas Veteran". This can be determined by the veteran’s DD 214. The place of entry or the home of record must state TX. The veteran must have also served at least 181 days of active duty service, must have been discharged with an Honorable, or General Under Honorable Conditions, and if applying for the first time, or started to use benefits after 08/01/2011, must reside in the state of Texas. If the spouse or child dependent are applying for their own set of Hazlewood hours the veteran must be considered totally and permanently disabled by Veteran Affairs (VA). If not, only the child dependent may qualify for transfer of Hazlewood hours under the Hazlewood Legacy act.

Where do I start?

The TWU Certifying Officials office must first ensure the applicant is qualified to apply for the Hazlewood Act. Please provide a copy of the DD 214 (member #4). If applicant is a spouse please provide a marriage license with the DD 214. If a child dependent of a veteran please provide a copy a copy of birth certificate along with DD 214; child dependent must be under the age of 26 to apply for the Hazlewood Act. Please visit the Texas Veterans Commission or TVC website for more information about the Hazlewood program.


If you are the Veteran applying for the Hazlewood Act you will need to submit the following documents:

  1. Hazlewood Application
  2. DD214 (member 4) –Military discharge form
  3. VA benefit letter - Only if veteran served after 09/10/2001
  4. provide proof or registration at the Hazlewood Student Database

Child Dependent

Qualified child dependents whose veteran parent is transferring their Hazlewood hours to them are considered a Hazlewood Legacy student.

Spouse or Child Dependent of a Veteran who is 100% disabled by Veteran Affairs.

If you are the spouse or dependent child of a veteran who is 100% disabled please submit the following documents:

  1. Copy of Veteran's DD 214 (member 4)- Military discharge form
  2. Copy of VA letter confirming veteran is 100% disabled
  3. Copy of birth Certificate or current Income Tax return if you are the dependent child
  4. Marriage license if you are the spouse
  5. Hazlewood Dependent Application
  6. Provide proof or registration at the Hazlewood Student Database Child Dependent

You will need to fax the Hazlewood packet to (940) 898- 3053 attn: VA Representative. Contact the TWU Veterans Program at (940) 898- 3069 for more information.

What is a DD214 form and how can I get another copy?
The DD214 is military discharge record. All veterans are given this form once they leave military service. You can request a copy of the needed DD214 through The National Archives:

What is a VA benefit letter and how do I receive one?
The VA benefit letter (aka Hazlewood letter) is an official correspondence from the VA stating your education benefits status. The letter will usually state you have exhausted your benefits or you are no longer eligible to receive the Montgomery GI Bill®.
You can request a letter from the Regional VA Office 1-888-442-4551.

What is the difference between the Hinson-Hazlewood and the Hazlewood Act? The Hinson-Hazlewood is the name for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s loan program.
The Hazlewood Act is a tuition exemption program designed to provide an education benefit to honorably discharged or separated Texas veterans or to qualified dependent children.

What does the Hazlewood act pay for?
The tuition waiver will cover the cost of all tuition fees and charges, including fees for correspondence courses, but excluding property deposit fees, student service fees and any fees or charges for books, lodging, board, or clothing. The Hazlewood Act is a tuition exemption program; there is no money awarded to the student.

What classes does the Hazlewood act cover?
Currently the Hazlewood Act covers all courses offered at TWU except for the Continuing Education courses that receive no state tax support.

How long can I use my Hazlewood Act benefits?
Starting fall 1995, the Hazlewood Act can be used up to a maximum of 150 attempted credit hours. Credit hours attempted prior to Fall 1995 do not apply to the 150 credit hour limit.

I used the Hazlewood Act at another university. Do I need to fill another application?
Yes! State law requires all universities to maintain their own Hazlewood tuition exemption files. Each university is also required to obtain a written record of attempted Hazlewood hours from all previously attended institutions.

Can I track how many Hazlewood hours I have used?
Yes, the Texas Higher Education Board provides an online student database: Hazlewood Student Database. However this site is not always accurate, it is the responsibility of the student to keep track of their hours.

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