Hazlewood Legacy Program

What is Hazlewood Legacy?

The Hazlewood Legacy program is a tuition and fee waiver for children, under the age of 26, of Texas veterans.

Hazlewood Legacy Qualifications

Legal dependents of Texas veterans include; biological children, adopted children, step-children, and tax claimed dependents. They are eligible to receive up to 150 credit hours, provided that the veteran parent has not previously used any of the hours. Only one legal dependent may use this benefit at a time.

Other requirements

  • Child dependents are only eligible until age 26
  • If child is receiving 100% Chapter 33 Post 9/11 benefits then they must exhaust these benefits before using Hazlewood Legacy

    If the Texas veteran is 100% disabled then each dependent of the veteran may be awarded their own set of 150 credit hours, including spouses, under the Hazlewood Act.  To find more information about the Hazlewood Act go to the Texas Veterans Commission website.

Required Forms

  •  to be filled out by dependent and Veteran parent 
  • Veteran parent's DD214(member #4) – Military discharge form 
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or Current Income Tax return 
  • Veteran parent must provide a document, other than a TX driver's license, that verifies the address is the same as indicated on the HE-V form.
  • The veteran and student must also register for an account at the Hazlewood Student Database to keep track of hours used.

What is covered by Hazlewood Legacy

  • Tuition and fees are waived, not to include student service fees, for up to 150 credit hours
  • Books and housing are not covered by Hazlewood Legacy

Page last updated 12:16 PM, July 2, 2020