Student Organizations

Other student organizations have been created to support specific department needs and appeal to specific interests of students. Registration is accomplished through the Office of Student Life. In alphabetical order, the following have carved out a niche for themselves at TWU – Houston and in the immediate community.

Nutrition Graduate Student Association (NGSA)

Member students provide opportunities for various career paths to be explored in Nutrition and Food Science, and promote healthy eating among university students. 

Pi Theta Epsilon (PTE)

This honor society serves to "recognize and encourage scholastic excellence of Occupational Therapy Students". Collaboration is one of the objectives as students contribute to the advancement of their particular academic discipline.

Student Christian Ministry (SCM)

This group of dedicated students has chosen a spiritual path to travel as they make their journey in life at TWU. Through prayer, these gathered students encourage and hold each other up, as they seek to deepen their relationship with God through Christ.

Student Healthcare Administration Organization (SHAO)

In its focus on current healthcare management issues, expanding healthcare management knowledge and providing a positive learning environment, this organization promotes student involvement, leadership and networking.

Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)

This long standing organization broadens the awareness of recent developments within the field of Occupational Therapy, encourages interest in this academic area and cultivates a social life for respective members.

Student Physical Therapy Association (SPTA)

Leadership development is woven into all this group accomplishes. Besides promoting interest in Physical Therapy within and outside the university community, this group takes very good care of its members by supporting fellow students financially for conference attendance. Additionally, they dedicate a significant portion of their time to community service.

Texas Nursing Student Association (TNSA)

Steeped in tradition under the umbrella of the national organization, members here at TWU – Houston take a serious interest in developing the whole student. In addition to on-going educational programming in the field, this group also cultivates a sense of responsibility for health care of folks in all walks of life, and dedicates itself to the highest quality health care.

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