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Students who participate in SGA have made a commitment in a leadership role to promote cooperation among students, staff and faculty, as well as to improve the overall environment for the physical, social and academic welfare of those taking classes. SGA, by its very nature, is a vehicle to focus into a single voice the ideas and opinions of students to other institutions as well as to the general administration. Student input will continue to be vital and sought out as decisions are made about the physical structure and use of this state-of-the-art building.

The Student Government Association (SGA) consists of executive officers plus a representative body made up of students from the various academic disciplines. 

The number of representatives is based on a 1:75 departmental representative to student ratio.  If you are interested in serving as one of the representatives, please email Deb Unruh for more information.

SGA meetings are held once or twice a month, with the exception of May, December and summer months.  Meeting dates and locations will be determined by September 30th, 2022. SGA meetings are open to all enrolled students, unless the executive board is planning to discuss sensitive or confidential business matters.

Upcoming Programs for 2022 - 2023

July to November, January to May - Taco Breakfasts (Summer, Fall and Spring) 
July - Health Museum (Summer)
July, October and March - Service Day (Summer, Fall and Spring)

August - Back to school supplies (Fall)
August - Body Worlds and the Cycle of Life Museum (Fall)
August - Professional Headshot (Fall)

September - Thirst Quencher Offering (Fall)
September - Goat Yoga (Fall)
September - Ice Cream Social

October and March - Speaker Series
October - Thirst Quencher Offering (Fall) 

November and April - De - Stress Day (Fall and Spring)
November - Houston Zoo Lights (Fall)
November and February - Movie Premiers (Fall and Spring)
November and February - Care Packages (Fall and Spring) 

December - Rock Climbing Indoor (Fall) 

January - New Year Celebrations (Spring) 

SGA Executive Board Members for 2023-2024

Portrait of Dominique Johnson

SGA President 

Dominique Johnson

Reason why I joined SGA: I want to make the student community more involved and aware of each other through activities.

Portrait of Makenzi Urbanczyk

SGA Vice-President

Makenzi Urbanczyk

Reason why I joined SGA: I joined SGA because I wanted to be a voice for those in the MHA/MBA programs here at Texas Woman's University! 
Fun fact: I have never eaten a steak before 

Portrait of Dezeray Richardson

SGA Secretary

Dezeray Richardson

Reason why I joined SGA: I want to work with a diverse group toward a common goal and build camaraderie and teamwork. 
Fun fact: I am a McNair Scholar for Academic Excellence 

Portrait of Nourhan Afaneh

SGA Treasurer

Nourhan Afaneh

Reason why I joined SGA: I want SGA to be a place where students can de-stress from schoolwork. 
Fun fact: My goal is to be able to travel and try local foods. 

Portrait of Sabrina Gonzalez

Activity Coordinator

Sabrina Gonzalez

Reason why I joined SGA: To help create community across the academic programs within TWU-Houston.
Fun fact: My favorite movie as a kid was Pocahontas. I named my cats after the raccoon and the dog. 


Portrait of Sazla Hoang

SGA Activity Coordinator

Sazla Hoang

Reason why I joined SGA: To promote unity and to ensure that the needs of the TWU student body are met! 

Portrait of Jessica Chavis

SGA Volunteer

Jessica Chavis

Fun fact: My #1 item on my bucket list is to zipline in the islands, like Jamaica! 

Portrait of Allison Cardenas

SGA Volunteer

Allison Cardenas

Portrait of Briana Ramirez

SGA Volunteer

Briana Ramirez

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