Election Process begins Spring 2018

Staff Council elections are open for voting. Please use the unique Survey Monkey link that was sent to your TWU email address. Voting closes on July 3rd.

Staff Council holds elections of representatives on an annual basis. Staff members through the Director level who currently have a minimum of six months of service at TWU and are not represented by Faculty Senate are eligible for nomination. Staff Council seeks representatives from all departments and areas and encourages you to nominate yourself! Nominees will be contacted by the election committee to confirm their nominations.

Meet the nominees

Representation Breakdown

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EEOCEmployees RepresentedCouncil SeatsFilledOpen
5 – Directors and above 39 2 0 2
7 – Other Professionals    320 11 11 0
8 – Technical/Paraprofessional  68 3 1 2
9 – Clerical/Secretarial  192 7 6 1
10 – Skilled Crafts 39 2 2 0
11 – Service/Maintenance 104 4 3 1
At Large 43 2 2 0
At Large 54 2 2 0
Total   33 27 6

Important Election Dates

Nominations Due: May 14, 2018

Deadline for Candidates to Submit Photo/Bio/Statement: May 31, 2018

Voting: June 19 – July 3rd, 2018

Duties & Responsibilities

The three main responsibilities Staff Council representatives are:

  • Communication with Constituents: The Staff Council representative’s role is to act as a voice for their constituents’ concerns and needs, provide information about opportunities for personal and professional development, promote ways to become more involved in TWU initiatives, and facilitate communication and discussion of university policies which affect staff members.
  • Service on a Committee: The work of Staff Council is accomplished through committees. Elected members are required to serve on one standing committee, but are free to serve on additional committees. The standing committees include Professional Development, Service, Communications, Recognition and Rewards, and Membership.
  • Attendance at Meetings: Staff Council meets on the second Thursday of each month at 10 a.m. By attending these meetings, staff representatives remain informed about issues affecting their constituents and act as their EEOC’s representative voice.

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