Services & Programs

The university provides law enforcement and security services through the TWU Police Department (TWUPD). The department provides 24 hour, seven-day-a-week services to the university community.

The commissioned members of the department have the full authority and responsibilities of a peace officer as authorized by Texas law. All members of the department receive continuing training to ensure that high-quality law enforcement, security and public assistance services are provided to students, faculty, staff and visitors.

The department maintains a close working relationship with other state and local police agencies. Thus, incidents, which occur off-campus and may affect the university community or require university response, are properly addressed.

Crime Prevention Services

The TWU Police Department conducts inspections and provides a variety of crime prevention services in order to maintain the safety and security of the TWU campus and community.

These efforts include:

  • Walking Patrol
  • Bicycle Patrol
  • Vehicle Patrol
  • Personal Protection
  • Property Protection
  • Fire Evacuation
  • Office Crime Prevention
  • Building Security
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Crime Prevention Inspection
  • Exterior Lighting Inspection
  • Emergency Phones

Public Assistance Services

In addition to crime prevention and law enforcement services, the department also provides a wide range of public assistance services.

These services include:

  • On-Campus Escorts
  • Unlocking Vehicles
  • Jump Starting Vehicles
  • Summoning Mechanic Assistance
  • First Aid Response
  • After-Hours Building Entry
  • Delivering Emergency Messages
  • Lost and Found

SHARP Course

In an effort to provide valuable education and training regarding sexual assault prevention, the TWU Police Department offers the Sexual Harassment, Assault & Rape Prevention (SHARP) course to the TWU community. This course focuses on helping people manage and cope with issues in a crisis that can be controlled instead of merely providing them with statistical information that will be of no benefit to them in an urgent situation. The basic course is modular in nature and designed to be delivered in three separate units. These units are Prevention Psychology, Managing Social or Professional Physical Harassment and Assault Countermeasures:

The Prevention Psychology unit is a non-physical lecture unit. This unit may appeal to individuals who are timid about taking a hands-on self-defense course but who are motivated to attend a class that focuses on preventing a crime.

The Managing Social or Professional Physical Harassment unit provides response options to individuals who are physically harassed at work or in another social context. The tactics learned in this unit are assertive, yet tactful. It is made clear in relevant instruction that stopping advances in a harsh manner can jeopardize family or professional relationships.

Assault Countermeasures is a block of instruction that teaches highly effective personal defense strategies and techniques. Individuals who attend this portion of the SHARP training are expected to have already completed at least the Prevention Psychology Unit. Given that it is much easier to stay out of trouble than it is to get out of trouble, it is important that students understand the basics of preventing crimes before learning how to protect themselves in the midst of one.

The SHARP course can be taught in individual units or as one continuous seminar or course. Students taking this class are able to earn credit hours through the Department of Kinesiology. For more information about SHARP and how to schedule the course, please contact the TWU Police Department at 940.898.2967.

On-Going Programs

The TWU Police Department offers the following educational and service-oriented programs to the TWU community on an on-going basis. Please contact the department for more information regarding any of these programs.

Campus Watch

Campus Watch is a community-based crime prevention program for the faculty, staff and students of Texas Woman's University. It is an innovative application of the highly successful block-watch program, which is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the university. Members of the campus community are encouraged to attend a free training for the program provided by TWUPD and to participate in keeping campus crime statistics low.

Bicycle Rodeo

A bicycle safety program for children 12 and under.

Personal Safety Awareness Programs

Speakers Forum

The TWUPD has the ability to provide speakers for safety and law enforcement related programs offered on campus. For more information, please contact the department.

Officer Friendly

This program provides children who are a part of the TWU community with opportunities to meet the TWU police officers who daily serve and protect them.

Fatal Vision Goggle Program

The TWUPD offers DWI prevention education through campus exhibits and demonstrations of its fatal vision goggles. These goggles simulate for the wearer the different levels of visual and perceptual impairment which individuals who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol experience.

9-1-1 University/Red E. Fox

The TWUPD provides free training to children in the TWU community regarding the proper use of 9-1-1.

Access to Campus Facilities

Most campus buildings and facilities are accessible during normal business hours, excluding intersession periods and holidays. Athletic facilities, wellness facilities, computer labs, the library and other select university areas have special and/or extended hours of operation students can have "after hours" access to certain facilities if they have a valid authorization signed by their academic department on file with the TWUPD office. The student must present a valid ID card to TWUPD personnel to be admitted during "after-hour" periods in academic buildings. All exterior doors should remain locked. Doors should not be propped open at any time.

Residence hall's exterior doors are kept locked 24 hours each day. They require the use of an "access card" to gain entry.

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