Early Field Experience Information

Student gains field experience teaching class

High quality, diverse field experiences are an integral part of the Educator Preparation Program and allow candidates to apply concepts and theories in practical settings.

At TWU, initial and professional certification candidates complete field experiences and practicums in a variety of settings during their program of study. They can include not only observations, but there are also opportunities for candidates to practice working with students in small and large group settings as appropriate.

Area School Districts for Early Field Experience

Spring 2023 Early Field Experiences

The availability and mode of field experiences are determined by the individual districts. The Office of Clinical Practices (OCP) will update this information prior to the beginning of each semester.

General Information for Early Field Experiences for courses leading to initial certification

  1. All field experience requests are due to the OCP office by January 24, 2023
  2. Candidates must successfully complete all district requirements for application and background checks before their early field experience request will be considered by the district.
  3. Read the SP 23 application form and background form instructions BEFORE completing the application.
  4. Candidates are advised that it will be at least three-four weeks for the district to process the early field experience applications and background checks upon receipt.
  5. Instructors observing candidates on a district campus may be required to sign in and present a driver's license or state-issued ID.
  6. Candidates are not eligible to report to any campus until instructors have been notified of eligibility by OCP.
  7. The OCP office will communicate with school district personnel on behalf of COPE and The Educator Preparation Program regarding any aspect of the early field experience process.
  8. Direct all early field experience questions to the OCP office via email: keshelman@twu.edu 
Apply for Early Field Experience

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