Survey of Occupational Therapy Providers in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania

Flags of Tanzania, the United States, Kenya and Rwanda.

This research project aims to collect input via survey from occupational therapy providers in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania to identify meaningful continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities. The information gleaned from this survey will assist these nations' professional occupational therapy organizations with recruiting leaders, educators, and experts for providing CPD experiences. 

Earning CPD units will help occupational therapy providers in these east African countries with meeting their new licensure requirements for practice and with advancing their knowledge and skill sets; collectively, this effort will raise the profession as a whole across the world.

For more information about this project or to express interest in being a CPD provider, please contact the primary investigator, Dr. Angela Cecil, at

Investigators at TWU

Outside Collaborators

  • Godfrey Kimathy, OT, President of Tanzania Occupational Therapy Association
  • Margie Koech, OT, Member of Kenya Occupational Therapy Association
  • Epiphanie Murebwayire, OT, President of Rwanda Occupational Therapy Association
  • Pierre Damien Turikumana, OT, Vice President of Rwanda Occupational Therapy Association

Partners and Affiliates

  • Kenya Occupational Therapists Association
  • Rwanda Occupational Therapy Association
  • Tanzania Occupational Therapy Association


Will be presenting outcomes at World Federation of Occupational Therapy Congress in August 2022.

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