Recital Information

Degree Recital Responsibilities

Upon booking a recital, students will receive instructions from the Music Main Office for submitting the recital fee payment and program information.

Programs are due to the Music Office no later than two weeks prior to the recital date. In addition to submitting program information using the Recital Program Template, vocalists must also submit vocal translation inserts. All information should be submitted in final format by the above deadline. Both student and teacher must proofread and approve the program draft before submitting for printing.

All degree recitals are recorded. Copies of recital recordings will be made available to the performer within two weeks following the date of the recital.

Recital Hearing: Students who present junior, senior, capstone performance, final project, or special project recitals for degree plans must present a pre-recital hearing for faculty.

Recital Fees

Type of Recital

Performance Capstone

Junior Recital or B.A. Project Recital

Senior Recital

Graduate Recital

Accompanist Fee (payable directly to pianist)





Recital Fee (payable to Music office. If by check, made payable to Friends of Music)





All accompanist fees are due to the pianist before the recital.

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