Recital Attendance & Culture Card Requirements for Music Majors

All undergraduate music majors must attend a minimum of 13 performances (eight for part-time students) each semester.

  • 10 (five for part-time students) music performances (including the annual Honors Recital)
  • One TWU dance production, one TWU theatre production, AND one TWU visual arts production

Vocal students are required to attend at least one instrumental or piano student recital and instrumental and piano students are required to attend at least one vocal student recital. 

Failure to meet these requirements impacts the applied music grade.

An attendance sheet will be available at all music performances on the TWU campus. The student is required to sign in. The completed attendance sheet will be submitted to the music office, and information compiled for review by the faculty.

For approved off-campus performances, students should bring a copy of the performance program to their studio instructor for signature, and submit it at the time of their jury for documentation.

School of the Arts and Design Culture Cards, available in the Music Office at the beginning of each semester, must be stamped to record attendance at each dance, theatre, and visual art event.

Approved Performances

  • All music division-sponsored performances on the TWU campus (students, faculty, ensembles, guest performers)
  • Student Divisional Recitals/Capstone Performances
  • Performances or programs in the School of the Arts and Design at TWU outside of music (theatre, dance, visual arts).
  • Off-campus music performances can only be counted with prior approval of the studio teacher (maximum of three per semester).
  • Performances in which the student is performing can be counted as part of the total required (maximum of three per semester) if the student attends the entire performance.
  • Attendance at the annual Honors Recital, held during the Spring semester, is required of all music students.

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