Traditionally, many aviation organizations were founded to support and inform pilots. However, many in the aviation community were motivated to establish an organization that supported the aviation maintenance industry, in particular its female members which brought about the Association for Women in Aviation Mechanics, a nonprofit organization.

After seeing the need and interest in an organization dedicated to women in the maintenance and engineering segments of the aviation industry, an organization luncheon was organized at the WAI (Women in Aviation) conference in 1996. In 1997, the first newsletter was published and a board was established.

Historical Milestones:

2017:  $185,000 in scholarships awarded

2016:  $165,000 in scholarships awarded

2015:  $130,000 in scholarships awarded

2011:  $73,000 in scholarships awarded

2010:  The UPS Foundation awards AWAM grant

2009:  AWAM becomes a National FAAS Team Member

2007:  10 year celebration

2002:  Scholarships Program established

2000:  AWAM becomes a 501(c)(3) organization

1998:  Board of Directors formed and Officers elected

1997:  1st IA Renewal/Recurrent Training

1996:  Organizational Luncheon WAI Conference Minneapolis, MN