Charter members of Alpha Chapter, Austin, TX – 1929

  • Dr. Annie Webb Blanton - assisted in the founding of 80 chapters and 35 state organizations.
  • Mrs. Lalla Odom - along with Dr. Blanton, installed Alpha Chapter on June 3, 1929, following the founding of the Society in May. Several chapters claim Lalla Odom as their organizer.
  • Dr. Anna Hiss
  • Cora Martin - assisted with the organization of Alpha Sigma State Organization (Washington) and the installation of Gamma State Organization (Oklahoma), and installed Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Eta, Beta Tau chapters in Texas.
  • Mrs. Ruby Terrill Lomax - founded Gamma State Organization (Oklahoma) in 1932 and assisted with the installation of Alpha Beta, Alpha Delta, and Alpha Omega Chapters in Texas.
  • Dr. Helen Koch
  • Dr. Koch founded Lambda State Organization (Illinois) in 1935 and was a charter member of Illinois Kappa Chapter in 1937.

Charter Member of Beta Chapter, San Antonio, TX – 1929

  • Miss Ruby Cole - organized Upsilon Chapter in Texas

Charter Members of Delta Chapter, Fort Worth, TX – 1929

  • Miss Sue King- Both Sue and Ray King established Beta Phi in Tarrant County (Texas) in 1936
  • Miss Ray King

Charter Member of Epsilon Chapter, Dallas, TX – 1929

  • Miss Lela Lee Williams

Charter Member of Gamma Chapter, Houston, TX – 1929

  • Miss Mamie Sue Bastian - credited with founding 13 chapters in Texas and helping establish six state organizations

Charter Member of Alpha Alpha, Waxahachie, TX – 1931

  • Miss Mabel Grizzard