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SPARK- Student Pioneers Also Raising Kids

The purpose of the student organization is to encourage and support the student parents and to educate members of all available financial, social, and academic outlets offered by the University as well as to facilitate the expansion of opportunities that are often available for student parents. S.P.A.R.K. has monthly meetings and various events throughout the semester for parents and their children. 

Want to know how you can get involved? Contact Jessica Burchfield.

Legal Rights of Breastfeeding Students

The rights of breastfeeding students are protected under the Title IX Act. Texas Woman's students do have the right to breastfeed and express milk on campus. For commonly asked questions about the rights of breastfeeding students and how to respond if you encounter issues concerning these rights visit the National Women's Law Center.

How do I handle violations of my rights? What are my rights? What does my school have to do to meet my breastfeeding needs?

The U.S. Office for Civil Rights Pamphlet  for students' breastfeeding rights answers ALL of these questions and can help you learn how to know and protect your rights.

Are there any laws protecting a student's right to breastfeed?

A student's right to breastfeed is protected under the Title IX Act . This act prevents schools from discriminating against students on the basis of sex, which extends to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Does the government do anything to support breastfeeding? What does the Department of Education have to say about breastfeeding?

U.S Department of Education Article on Supporting the Academic Success of Pregnant and Parenting Students describes the government's statements on breastfeeding and what schools need to be doing to meet the needs of breastfeeding students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I continue breastfeeding or express milk with clinicals and internships?

You can talk to your instructor to create a plan for expressing milk during clinical/internship hours if needed. It is important to talk to your instructor early on! The sooner you can communicate to your instructor  your specific situation, the more your instructor will be able to help create a schedule to help you meet your breastfeeding goals. Let the instructor know what times you will need to breastfeed beforehand and communicate this with your preceptor. Breastfeeding in clinicals/internships IS possible, and TWU wants to support your success. If resolution if not secured, meet with the Program Coordinators for your major. You may want to consider contacting the Student Life Office to share your concerns. 

What if my instructor is not willing to work with my breastfeeding schedule?

Don't let negative comments discourage you from your breastfeeding journey. If you do not feel that your instructor is working with you and your breastfeeding needs, it is important to follow the proper chain of command. After talking to your instructor, if you still feel that they are not working with you, the next person to address would be the course manager. If you feel a there is no resolution, please contact the CARE Office.

What if my instructor penalizes me for leaving class to express milk?

The National Woman's Law Center answers this question and more!

How can I communicate my lactation needs to my instructor?

You can download and personalize a sample letter that we have provided for you to get the conversation started. 

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