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At TWU, we are committed helping you and providing the tools and resources necessary to meet your needs. The Worksite Nursing Mothers Policy outlines our procedures. Please note that anyone who receives a paycheck from TWU and has a need to express milk has a right to do so under the guidelines of thepolicy. Student Assistants must be reasonably accommodated if necessary during work time. 

Prospective parents may qualify for other benefits related to leave:

TWU Employee Insurance Information 

The plan provides benefits for lactation support and counseling sessions for participants in conjunction with childbirth. Benefits are limited to three sessions per childbirth. To be considered Covered Health Services, services must be received from a Network Provider and/or Facility. For additional details call Health Select at 1-800-252-8039 or the TWU Benefits Office at 940-898-3552. You can also visit the ERS website

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I communicate my lactation needs to my supervisor?

You can download and personalize a sample letter that we have provided for you to get the conversation started. 

Whom do I notify upon returning from leave?

An employee should notify the immediate supervisor, manager or department chair prior to returning from leave of the intention to express milk.

What happens if the time needed to express milk exceeds normal break time?

If the needed time exceeds the time required for usual provided paid breaks, options for scheduling should include flexible scheduling such as shortening lunch periods or extending the work day.

Does our health insurance cover the cost or part of the cost of a breast pump?

Yes. BCBS will provide up to $200 for the purchase or rental of a breast pump. For additional information call BCBS at 1-800-252-8039.

What if my supervisor is not willing to work with my need to express milk?

Any person who has a need to express milk is entitled to do so but must be willing to comply with department needs. Please contact the Office of Human Resources for guidance on the Worksite Nursing Mother Policy.  

Are employees required to use official designated lactation rooms?

No. If an employee prefers they can express milk in their own private office, or in another private location agreed upon in consultation with the employee’s supervisor.

Who should I contact for questions about FMLA or parental leave?

Contact the Benefits Team at 940-898-3555 or email Holly Harris

Who is the HR contact for the Worksite Nursing Mother Policy?

Contact the Benefits Team at 940-898-3555 or email Angela Cagle or Holly Harris .  

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