Breastfeeding Resources

This page includes a variety of resources for Breastfeeding mothers. TWU or any of its affiliates do not personally endorse any of these resources; please contact a medical professional to verify the information provided in these resources or to answer additional questions.

Every Ounce Counts – This website offers great resources and information on how to breastfeed, including a section for working mothers as well as more information on the rights and laws pertaining to breastfeeding mothers. – This website has helpful tips and articles on how to maintain milk supply, how to breastfeed, and provides answers to other questions. It includes answers to specific issues and situations mothers may be in with their babies.

Work and Pump – This website provides information and support for mothers looking to return to work while breastfeeding.

Stanford Breastfeeding Educational Videos – This link takes you to the Stanford School of Medicine website, which has various educational videos to help with breastfeeding. This includes how to hand express milk, achieve a good latch, begin breastfeeding, maximize milk production, and more.

Find a Lactation Consultant – This website provides information on lactation consultants, and helps mothers to find certified lactation consultants in their area.

Lactation Support Hotline 24/7: 214-670-7222
Based in Dallas as a part of the Lactation Care Center of Dallas; this hotline is available phone for anyone who has questions or needs guidance with breastfeeding.

Texas Lactation Support Hotline: 1-800-514-6667(MOMS)
Offers breastfeeding help and lactation consultant referrals.

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