Center for Women in Politics & Public Policy celebrates the LWV of Texas

The TWU Center for Women in Politics & Public Policy continued its commemoration of the woman suffrage movement by sponsoring the League of Women Voters of Texas 100-Year Anniversary Event, which took place on Oct. 19 in San Antonio, Texas. More than 200 people attended, representing 35 League of Women Voters chapters, to commemorate the Texas chapter’s century of advocacy and education. 

At the event, historian Patricia Cunningham Nicholson, the grandniece of suffragist Minnie Fisher Cunningham, spoke on Cunningham’s efforts to help Texas women win the right to vote. Jessica Brannon-Wranosky, PhD, distinguished professor at Texas A&M University-Commerce, addressed the heroic struggle to achieve full voting rights for all women in Texas. 

The League of Women Voters of Texas, a nonpartisan political organization, was formed Oct. 19, 1919, in San Antonio, to educate the newly enfranchised women voters of the state after they were given the right to vote.


Tammy Key, Grace Chimene, Jessica Brannon-Wranosky, Lulu Flores, Jennifer Danley-Scott


Front: Charles Looney, Paula Looney, Yvonne Wade Sanchez; Back: Jennifer Danley-Scott, Judge Jeffrey Wentworth, Lulu Flores, Judge Rosie Gonzalez


Jennifer Danley-Scott and Patricia Cunningham Nicholson

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