Boldly Lead Student Spotlight: Brielle Gines

Brielle Gines

The Boldly Lead Student Spotlight series highlights Brielle Gines, a business administration major with an entrepreneurial focus who is expected to graduate in Spring 2024.

Gines is part of the TWU President’s Leadership Council. One of her goals is to lead by example the people who look up to her, and to build connections with others. She exemplifies interpersonal skills, perseverance and loyalty, and she emphasizes staying true to herself and knowing who she is as a person.

What does leadership mean to you?

“Leadership is not about status or title. It's more about what you are doing actively to serve the group of people who are looking up to you wanting to follow in pursuit of what you believe is the right thing to do. Ultimately leadership is being able to exemplify and serve the group of people who look up to you.”

What are your experiences as a leader either before or after attending TWU?

“In high school, I served as vice president of FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America), volunteered at harvesters, Ronald McDonalds House and mentored younger students as a member of the Student Leadership Team. During my time at TWU, I have been part of the President’s Leadership Council and have focused many of my efforts in the community service opportunities throughout campus.”

What are some of the opportunities that you have had to develop skills as a leader?

“One of my biggest has been going to study abroad in London. During our trip we got to be a part of a Lessons in Leadership Workshop, focusing on conflict management, storytelling and pitching in ideas. Being able to sharpen those skills along with studying outside the country and being immersed into different cultures was truly a wonderful experience.”

What are some important traits or characteristics to have as a leader?

“Having good interpersonal skills. Being friendly and making sure others are comfortable with you and are able to trust you, especially when you are leading. Also, to be human by admitting your mistakes when they happen.

“Perseverance by realizing not everything is perfect and being able to overcome challenges. Separate yourself from your mistakes. You are not your mistake but instead you just made one.

“Loyalty by being able to be defend your stance when making decisions. It’s important for a leader to have a solidified stance on their opinions and stick with their decisions.”

What does boldly lead mean to you?

“When I think of bold I think of strong, powerful and unwavering. I think of asserting your stance and who you are as well as knowing who you are. Being the person that you preach and going forward, staying focused as you are working towards success. Staying true to yourself so that others can trust you.”

Do you think that it is important to have bold leaders? Are there any bold leaders that inspired you to be who you are today?

“Yes, I do think that it is important to have bold leaders. Starting with my grandma, she played an important role at a very young age. There is a quote that that she instilled in me and that is 'Set the tone and be the example.' Being older now it really resonates with me because trusting myself helps me inspire others to do the same and be the example. People are always watching you so be able to exemplify who you are.

“My mom is an author and entrepreneur, so being able to see her doing those things for herself and providing for me, especially being able to see her persevere through hardships and still achieving her goals.

“More recently another one is Issa Ray, an actor and producer. She started out on Youtube with diary videos called 'Awkward Black Girl' and being able to progress in producing her own film in Hollywood. Seeing women in media start with an idea and being able to progress in their careers is also what I want to do one day.”

What are your long term goals?

“Graduating in May 2024. I don’t think I am going to pursue my masters right away. I think there are some skills that I want to sharpen within the realms of social media and content creation. I plan on possibly interning with a company or finding a role where I can sharpen those skills. Network and broaden and those skills that I would like to work on. Finally, to just travel.”

Do you think everyone has the capacity to be a leader? What would you tell the next generational leaders coming in?

“It depends on whether the person wants to be a leader. We see through history people seen to be leaders that ultimately were not equipped to be one so they kind of call themselves leaders but they’re not really one.”

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