Student Empowerment by Workplace Answers

What is Student Empowerment?

Student Empowerment is an online educational program that all incoming Texas Woman’s University students must complete. Through interactive course content and a format that blends realistic college scenarios with useful educational content, the program teaches college students risk reduction in the areas of alcohol and drugs, partying smart, sex in college, sexual violence prevention, and healthy relationships. TWU is excited to provide this information to students so that they can make the best personal decisions regarding their personal health and safety. 

Who needs to complete Student Empowerment?

All incoming students need to complete Student Empowerment.

What is the process for signing up for Student Empowerment?

Students will receive an email with a link to the program website. The link is unique to you and cannot be shared. You will then login with your TWU email. Once you access the module through your link, the module will save your progress as you work through the course. 

What is the process for completing Student Empowerment?

Students are required to complete the Student Empowerment module. Answers provided by students are confidential and responses are never linked to individual students. You can work through the module at your own pace and can save your work and come back to the program at a later time if necessary.

When do students need to complete Student Empowerment?

First year students enrolled for the fall semester need to complete module 30 days after receiving the invitation. If your instructor is offering credit or a grade in association with the module, they may have a separate due date.

What happens when a student completes Student Empowerment?

At the end of the module, students will receive a certificate of completion for the Student Empowerment module.

If I have any questions about Student Empowerment, who do I contact?

Please direct your questions to TWU Student Health Services Health Promotion by phone at 940-898-3833 or by email at Students can receive additional bystander intervention training through our Be A Pioneer program. 

Page last updated 8:26 AM, September 15, 2017