The mission of the Office of Compliance is to support Texas Woman’s University’s commitment to doing business and educating students with the highest standards of ethics, integrity, lawful conduct, and responsible citizenship. This Office is fully aligned with TWU’s Purpose, Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Principles. In particular, this office supports this principle: “Our commitment to excellence and integrity permeates all that we do.”  This is accomplished by using available resources to ensure programs are in place to prevent violations of the law—both at the institution level as well as the subject-specific and department levels. When prevention is not possible, these programs use available resources to detect and correct. The objective of these compliance and ethics  programs is fourfold: 1) to prevent injury to our students, employees, and guests, 2) to protect the University from litigation and fines, 3) to prevent fraud and financial or data loss, and 4) to safeguard the reputation of the University.


The primary goal of this Office is to coordinate Texas Woman’s University’s numerous subject-specific compliance efforts and provide senior leadership with a comprehensive view of the University’s compliance activities. In addition, this Office aims to not only develop policies and procedures that help ensure compliance, but to help verify that these policies are documented, communicated, implemented, enforced, and monitored.

A secondary goal is to make TWU a model for compliance not only in Texas, but nationwide. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any specific compliance issues or concerns you may have.

The University Compliance Program

The University Compliance Program is always growing and improving. It currently consists of a director and an informal network of compliance partners from across the university. In addition, the Operational Compliance Committee meets quarterly.

Below is a copy of the documented University Compliance Program. This details how the Office of Compliance designs and implements compliance at TWU. In addition to this document, please see About Compliance and Compliance Forms, Documents, and Other Resources for Surveys, Items for Compliance Partners, and other resources. These documents are there to guide and help compliance partners and other interested parties to design subject-specific compliance programs. 

As the program continues to mature, additional committees and functions will most likely be added.

TWU University Compliance Program (PDF) 

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