Mission and Vision

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The core purpose of the TWU Future Classroom Lab lies in fostering a versatile learning environment dedicated to ensuring equitable access to high-quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, with a particular focus on students and educators traditionally underrepresented in these fields

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Our aspirational outlook involves harnessing 21st Century Learning methodologies to ignite a passion for addressing contemporary and future global challenges among both educators and students. Through the pillars of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, we aim to empower the upcoming generation. 

two children play with legos and ipads while sitting next to table


At the TWUFCL, our primary objective revolves around furnishing K-12 students and their instructors with authentic 21st Century Learning encounters that seamlessly integrate the realms of coding, engineering, mathematics, and scientific inquiry.

The TWUFCL is committed to supporting underrepresented groups in STEM by:

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  1. CREATING Accessible STEM Learning Opportunities

By forging collaborative partnerships with teachers, prospective educators, and K-12 students, including those from linguistically diverse backgrounds or with hearing differences, we aspire to create accessible pathways for inquiry-based STEM education.

  1. SUPPORTING Teachers

We are dedicated to equipping classrooms with transformative opportunities, resources, and guidance, thereby elevating STEM Literacy. Our multifaceted approach encompasses in-class coaching, immersive summer camps, demonstrative teaching, and the application of best practices in STEM education.

  1. PARTNERING with Schools and STEM Industry Leaders

Through synergistic alliances with educational institutions serving K-12 students, with a special focus on those with hearing differences, we are committed to establishing meaningful and accessible avenues for students to engage in STEM-related disciplines.

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