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Where are the Dining Services offices located?
Offices are currently located in the TWU Dining Hall.

Are freshmen required to have a meal plan?
All residential students living in Parliament Village, Guinn or Stark Halls are required to have a meal plan

What are the meal plan options?
We offer several options for residents and commuters as well as faculty and staff who would like the convenience of using their TWU ID.

How do I purchase a meal plan?
When signing up for housing, students have the option to select a meal plan using the Housing portal. Commuter students may apply for a meal plan as well. Faculty and staff have two options for selecting payments for meal plans. Anyone, including residential students who forgot to select a meal plan, may also visit the Housing and Dining Office located in Mary's Hall. Meals will expire at the end of the semester but dining dollars will roll over from fall semester to spring semester.

How do I use my meal plan?
You'll use your TWU ID, which will be tapped or swiped at the register. 

Where do I get a TWU ID card?
ID Services is located in Hubbard Hall, room 2209. 

If I eat in the Dining Hall, can I take meals out of the building?
Yes! You may purchase a reusable to-go container to take a meal to go. Once you have finished, simply return the container to the Dining Hall for washing and exchange for a clean one.

How can I find out what is being served in the Dining Hall?
You can see all of our menus at Pioneer Kitchen

How much does one meal cost in the Dining Hall?
TWU Students/Employees: Breakfast $7.49, Lunch $8.56, Dinner $9.63, Brunch $9.63 (all rates plus tax)
Community: Breakfast $9.10, Lunch $10.17, Dinner $11.24, Brunch $11.24 (all rates plus tax)

Can I use Financial Aid to pay for a meal plan?

What if I have special dietary requirements?
Please speak with any of our managers on staff to walk through the menu and identify the options that fit your needs. If needed, we can work with the chef to create a tailored menu so that you have the same opportunity to enjoy a balanced meal as your peers.

If I withdraw from the university, will I get my money back for the meal plan?
No meal plans are refunded after Census day each semester. Check your Housing and Dining contract for specific details.

Can you change your meal plan after school starts?
Meal plans cannot be changed after Census day each semester.  If you need to add an additional plan to your account, please email Housing@twu.edu .  

What if I'm sick? Can I purchase a "sick meal?"
Please complete our sick meal request form

Where can I use my meal plan?
Residential meal plan swipes are used at the Dining Hall. Dining Dollars may be used in the Dining Hall or at any retail food location on campus.

Can I use Dining Dollars for catering?
Yes, contact Erica Medina.

I have other questions. Who do I call?
Call 940-898-3676 or email housing@twu.edu.

Page last updated 3:13 PM, June 6, 2024