Global Perspectives Graduation Requirement

Living in an interconnected global society requires an appreciation of the complexity and interdependency of world events and issues. Undergraduate education at TWU aims to broaden students’ perspectives, expand the boundaries of their conversations, and provide them opportunities to recognize and understand other worldviews. To meet this goal, all undergraduates who enroll at TWU must complete three (3) semester credit hours of approved global perspectives. 

Global Perspectives

TWU’s definition of global includes both multicultural and international issues, acknowledging that global learning begins by locating the self in a web of interconnected communities. Further, TWU believes that global education should be participatory, encouraging students to apply their knowledge to become agents of change in their local, state, national, and global communities.

We define worldview as the philosophical framework (e.g., assumptions, beliefs, teachings) that shape a person’s and/or a group’s understanding of the world. This perspective of the world accounts for the intersection of social location and identity (e.g., gender, race, ethnicity, language). By developing an awareness of the equal value of diverse perspectives and multiple worldviews, students will be able to discuss the theoretical issues that underlie global inequities, in particular, gender, race, ethnicity, and language. Through analysis and critical examination, they will be able to evaluate researched solutions to address these issues in their personal, academic, and professional communities. Global Perspectives at TWU develops future leaders to “take responsible action in contemporary global contexts, and evaluate the goals, methods, and consequences of that action” (AACU Global Learning Value Rubric).

Courses approved for this requirement must include at least four of the following outcomes; with the first two outcomes being required. 

Global Perspectives Objectives

Courses approved for this requirement must include at least four of the following objectives; with the first two objectives being required. 

Students will:

  • Clearly articulate an enhanced awareness of diverse perspectives as well as of multiple worldviews and experiences.
  • Reflect insightfully on personal activities related to problems affecting the natural and/or human worlds. 
  • Accurately apply diverse perspectives in the analysis of significant issues in the natural and/or human worlds. 
  • Critically examine the differential effects of human organization on the systems in the natural and/or human worlds.
  • Evaluate the impacts and prospects of researched solutions to local and global issues, drawing from interdisciplinary perspectives.
  • Accurately identify interconnections among significant global issues in the natural and/or human worlds.

Submit a Course for Global Perspectives Consideration

Global Perspectives Course Proposal Form- Now integrated into the course proposal form in TWU's Curriculum Inventory Management system.

Courses Approved to Satisfy Global Perspectives Requirement

Courses approved to satisfy the Global Perspectives graduation requirement can be found in the current Undergraduate Catalog

Other courses are pending approval.

To have a course reviewed contact the Office of Curriculum & Strategic Initiatives 


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