Clinic Staff

Whitney Mathison, PhD, LPC, NCC - Director

Director Whitney Matheson

Dr. Whitney Mathison PhD, LPC, NCC. received her doctorate in Family Therapy from St. Louis University in the Medical Family Therapy Department. She received her master’s degree from the University of Missouri St. Louis in Counseling. Her years of human services have been spent working with underserved populations who have experienced trauma, substance abuse issues, and chronic illnesses. She has worked in integrated health care settings, private practice, and agencies with adults, adolescents, children, groups, and families. She also has worked in several universities and colleges as faculty and as staff in different capacities.

Her leadership experiences include leading a multidisciplinary team of licensed and unlicensed qualified mental health professionals. She supervised for licensure. Additionally, Dr. Mathison led a team of individuals from diverse ethnicities, nationalities, geographic locations, and political affiliations during her tenure. Her most recent work prior to coming to TWU included working as a clinic director in the capacity of a ‘CAPS like’ office.

Dr. Mathison has conducted presentations on a variety of topics locally, regionally, and nationally. Some topics that she has presented on intersectionality, social justice, feminism, privilege, microaggressions, ASIST Suicide Prevention, microaggressions experienced in the workplace, spirituality and counseling, marginalized groups and counseling, immigrants/and refugees, and African American families.

Her research is consistent with her clinical experience. She has added to the research in family sciences, family therapy, psychology, and African Americans in higher education about the experiences of marriage and family therapy doctoral students; and most recently reviewing literature related to relationship sciences through the Psych Critiques, American Psychological Association peer-reviewed journal.

Counseling and Supervision Framework

Dr. Mathison views individuals through the biopsychosocial, critical theory, multisystemic, trauma informed, and multicultural lens. She provides supervision from a systemic, social constructivist, and developmental framework . She practices from an integrative approach of Brainspotting, EMDR, Brainspotting, Feminist Family Therapy, and Narrative therapies.

Clinic staff roles


Student therapists are supervised by the clinical faculty from Counseling and Development and Marriage and Family Therapy or students in the Marriage and Family Therapy Doctoral program. Many are licensed or associates in the state of Texas. Our supervisors who are students are under the supervision of the clinical faculty in the MFT program. Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy Faculty

At times, our supervisors provide live supervision, and all supervisors meet with their students on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to discuss clients. All sessions are recorded for research or training purposes only.

Clinic Assistants

Clinic assistants are students from the Counseling and Development and Marriage and Family Therapy Programs. They work tirelessly to provide excellent customer service. They are the first contact a client has with the clinic, as they answer the telephone, return messages, and have other supportive duties to help the clinic run effectively.

Student Therapists

Master’s students from Counseling and Development and master’s or doctoral students from Family Therapy provide services in the TWU Counseling and Family Therapy Clinic. Many of the doctoral Family Therapy students are licensed as either LPC or LMFT..

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